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ArcGIS For Personal Use: Pricing, Download, Limitations

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an expert, ArcGIS for Personal Use comes with the tools you need to create a personal portfolio of GIS work and showcase your skills.

Take the next step in your career by using ArcGIS for Personal Use to develop relevant GIS skills. It’s gives you the full capability of a suite of ArcGIS products.



ArcGIS for Personal Use comes with everything you need to map like a professional. Get access to the full range of ArcGIS capabilities to create rich, dynamic maps and apps.

Price- INR 8,490/yr

Esri offers for students many ArcGIS sofrware extension, included:

GIS Professional Advanced user type. A suit of ready-to-use apps, including these premium apps:

ArcGIS Pro Extensions:

ArcGIS Desktop Advanced:

  • Advanced Single Use license with popular extensions
  • 1000 credits for data storage, premium data access
  • ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World with maps and data on thousands of topics, including access to foundational content from Esri 
  • 90 days of installation-only support
  • Software updates
  • Unlimited access to self-paced e-learning through the Esri Training website

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