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Basic & Advance GIS Training is Available from – Udemy

You live anywhere, learn GIS online. Just one Android or computer (Desktop/Laptop) is needed.

1. Fundamentals of GIS-Geographical Information System

Geographical Information System (GIS) untuk Pemula

Course Details:

Fundamentals of GIS, Spatial Data, Spatial Data Modeling, Spatial Analysis, Object Modeling dan Geodatabases, Geodatabase Design.

2. Desktop GIS & Web GIS: Web GIS Interfaces

Basic of Desktop GIS & Web GIS: All Types of GIS Software

Course Details:

Make yourself Zero to Hero in Web GIS by doing, playing and Enjoying this Web GIS course. No Programming Knowledge is required.

3. Mobile GIS and PostGIS

Mobile GIS data collection apps with Leaflet and PostGIS

Course Details:

This course on Server side web GIS applications and Mobile mapping applications. Use your phone as a GPS data collection device with no users fees or subscriptions.

4. Python for GIS Applications

Survey of python for GIS applications

Course Details:

Introduction to the python language and ecosystem for GIS professionals. The goal of the course is to provide a broad introduction to the capabilities of python.

5. Machine Learning in GIS and Remote Sensing

Machine Learning in GIS and Remote Sensing: 5 Courses in 1

Course Details:

Understand & apply machine learning and deep learning for geospatial tasks (GIS and Remote Sensing) in QGIS and ArcGIS.

6. Web GIS Development Course

Web GIS development course

Course Details:

GIS & Spatial Analysis in the latest QGIS – Master Geographic Information Systems (GIS) via GIS-based project analysis.

7. Applied GIS – Spatial Analysis

Applied GIS in 2022 – Project-based Spatial Analysis in QGIS

Course Details:

Basic Web GIS development for non programmer. If you are from a GIS background and think that you can excel in your career, by learning GIS web development, this course is for you.

8. Analyze GIS data on the Web with Leaflet

Display and analyze GIS data on the web with Leaflet

Course Details:

Client side mapping applications with the open source javascript libraries Leaflet.js and Turf.js. This is a advanced web mapping application course to solve real world problem.

9. Web Programming for GIS Applications

Introduction to web programming for GIS applications

Course Details:

Understanding web programming fundamentals focused on geospatial applications using Leaflet, Turf.js, and PostGIS. Highly recommend this for any beginners. For those with more experience designing and web GIS applications.

10. GIS Applications with Google Tools

Google tools for GIS Applications

Course Details:

This course is an overview of Google Cloud Platform tools, analytical tools, and mapping API’s that may be of interest to geospatial professionals.

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