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ArcGIS Linux

ArcGIS Linux Server provides the platform for sharing your GIS resources, such as maps, with your user community, whether they’re sitting in the same office using ArcGIS Pro or sitting across the country accessing and viewing maps through the Internet.

Linux operating system requirements

ArcGIS Server is only supported on Linux x86_64, on CPUs that adhere to the x86_64 architecture (64 bit), with supported Linux releases.

You cannot install the software as a root user. If you attempt to do this, the installation will not proceed and a software diagnostics tool will display an error message indicating that you cannot install as root.

Supported operating system

Supported operating systemLatest update or service pack tested
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 8Update 6
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15Service Pack 4
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12Service Pack 5
Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS22.04.1
Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS20.04.4
Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS18.04.6
Oracle Linux 8Update 4
Rocky Linux 8Update 6

Operating system limitations

Linux requirement that the OS not be modified. Esri does not support a developer’s release of any operating system.

ArcObjects SDK Java

ArcObjects SDK Java for Linux – refer to the corresponding ArcGIS Server Linux system requirements for the chosen Linux Operating System.

ArcGIS License Manager

The Linux patches for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 7 Update 8 minimum (32-bit and 64-bit) will be supported as long as they are from SuSE Linux without modification to the kernel/glibc version.

The Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server (32-bit and 64-bit) will be supported as long as it is from Red Hat without any modification to the kernel/glibc version.

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