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GIS integrates many different kinds of data layers using spatial location. Most data has a geographic component. GIS data includes imagery, features, and basemaps linked to spreadsheets and tables.

Download Shapefile

Download Free GIS Shapefile Data In this tutorial discuss about, How to Download free Geographic (GIS) Shapefile Data in DIVA-GIS. DIVA-GIS is a free web service for downloading mapping and geographic data analysis. Its provide free spatial data for the whole world. It is developed by Robert J. Hijmans. Earlier versions were developed in collaboration […]

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GIS Data Models

GIS Data Models What is Data Model in GIS? Data models is a conceptual description of how spatial data are organized for use by the GIS. Data input involves collecting the necessary data layers into a GIS database. GIS Data Models There are two major types of geographic data models ; Raster Data Model The

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Spatial Data in GIS

Spatial Data Analysis in GIS Spatial data exploration involves interacting with a collection of data and maps, which enables you to visualize and explore geographic information (GIS) and analytical results. The Spatial data exploration involves working with interactive maps and related tables, charts, graphs, and multimedia. This integrates the geographic perspective with statistical information in

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GIS Open Data

Open GIS Data GIS Open Data is a type of open source Geographic information data, that you can freely download. Many sources are available to download open source data. You can access or download cultural, Natural Earth (Raster & Vector) Country data. Open data capabilities come included in ArcGIS Online, no additional purchases or training

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Geospatial Data Gateway

Geospatial Database What is Geo-spatial Data? Geospatial data is information that has a geographic aspect to it. This type of information contains things such as an address with a city, state, and zip code. Geo-spatial data, also called spatial data, is data that correlates to a geographic location and contains a geographic components. It also

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