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WebGIS is a web services, that deliver data and capabilities, and connect components. It’s implementing a modern GIS. Web GIS is a cloud based web server on the Internet.

Cloud Based GIS

Cloud GIS What is Cloud GIS? Cloud GIS is a web-based GIS, powered by cloud computing. Its provides full desktop GIS features enriched by the web. You can easily and efficiently visualize data, customized mapping reports, geographic analysis and explore geographic information. Cloud Based GIS Applications: Various applications are available in GIS Cloud, to help […]

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Web Mapping Service

Web Mapping Service What is Web Mapping Service? The Web Mapping Service (WMS) provides access to a georeferenced representation of the data for basic mapping and data visualization applications. A Geographic Information System (GIS) software application or online mapping tool that supports WMS is required for viewing the georeferenced data from the WMS server. The

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POLARIS GIS What is POLARIS GIS? POLARIS is a specialist consultancy offering a diverse range of geospatial services to private and public sector clients in the UK and internationally. It is to utilize a variety of geospatial technologies to provide cost effective and industry leading solutions. Features : POLARIS is focused on projects in the



RRC GIS RRC GIS stands for RailRoad Commission of Texas Geographic Information System. The RRC GIS Viewer allows you to view information about wells, pipelines, surveys, LPG/CNG/LNG, Operator Cleanup Program, Voluntary Cleanup Program, Brownfield Response Program, Commercial Waste Disposal sites, Discharge Permits and related features in a map view The default view when you open

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My Geo data Cloud

MyGeodata Cloud Tutorial My Geo data Cloud allows, share or uploads your own GIS data, converts them on-line to various GIS/CAD formats and coordinates systems, shows your GIS data on a map, share or publishes your data, and many more. What is MyGeodata Cloud? MyGeodata Cloud is a complex portal for Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

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