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ArcGIS Scene

ArcScene is a 3D visualization application that allows you to view your GIS data in three dimensions.

Introducing ArcScene

ArcScene is a 3D viewer that allow you to navigate and interact with your 3D feature and Raster data. ArcGIS Scene most applicable to analyze complex 3D line symbology, texture mapping, ground depth, as well as surface creation and display of TINs.

Toolbars and Tools

The Standard Tools is the main toolbar in ArcGIS. This toolbar offers you to Add data, Save, Open, Print, also provide to 4 impotent features:

Another importent toolbar Tools, helps you to map Navigate, Fly, Identify, Zoom in/out, Pan, and other features.

3D Analyst

In ArcGIS Scene four 3D Analyst toolbar, helps you to perform 3D graphics and editor.

ArcScene Tutorial

Learn more ArcGIS Scene

What is the difference between ArcScene and ArcGlobe

Terrain surfaces is Not supportedTerrain surfaces is supported
Allow 3D Analyst Toolbar, like contour, steepest path, line of sight, profile, etc.Not Allow 3D Analyst Toolbar
Supported LAS datasetsNot supported LAS datasets
VRML file support for import and exportVRML file support only for import
Can not be Display of KML dataAllow to Display of KML data

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