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ArcGIS Table Of Contents

What is ArcGIS Table of Contents?

The Table Of Contents (TOC) show to lists of all the layers on the map and data features. TOC helps you to manage the display order of map layers and symbol assignment, as well as set the display and other properties of each map layer.

How to Activate the Table Of Contents in ArcMap

To Add table of contents in ArcMap, in the Main menu, click Windows > Table Of Contents.

Now the Table Of Contents window displays at the top-left corner of the data frame view.

Pin Table Of Contents

Click the Auto Hide button (pin symbol) located at the top-right corner, for use it hide/show TOC.

How to Use Table of Contents in ArcGIS

Table Of Contents Features

5 main features available in table of contents:

  1. List by Drawing Order
  2. List by Source
  3. List by Visibility
  4. List by Selection
  5. TOC Options

Click the features icon at the top of the tab to switch between these grouping methods.

List by Drawing Order

Use List by Drawing Order List By Drawing Order to the contents of your map, such as to change the display order of layers, rename or remove layers, and create or manage group layers. All the data frames in your map are listed when the table of contents is sorted by drawing order.

List by Source

Use List by Source List By Source to show the layers in each data frame with the layers organized by the folders or databases. It will also list tables that have been added to the map document as data. This view is very useful for managing and repairing each layer’s path reference to its data source in your map document.

List by Visibility

The List by Visibility List By Visibility to see a dynamic listing of the layers currently displayed in the active data frame. The layers are listed updates automatically as you pan and zoom, interact with the map, select features, and turn layers on or off.

List by Selection

The List by Selection List By Selection to use group layers automatically by whether or not they are selectable and have selected features. The layer can be selected using the interactive selection tools, such as those on the Tools toolbar or the Edit tool, when in an edit session.

TOC Options

The Options button Options use to set display properties.

Click Options button, the TOC Options dialog box are open.

TOC Preferences

On the Preferences tab, Check Show selected features in selection list to list selected features individually when the table of contents items are grouped by selection.

In the Sort layers by section, choose; order layers are drawn or alphabetically by layer name.

Check Show group layer name to include the name of a group layer, when the table of contents is listed by visibility or selection.

TOC Patches

On the Patches tab, you can change the patch size or shape as your desired. Patches are the geometric shape that is used to represent a specific kind of feature in the table of contents.

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