QGIS offers, creating 3D maps and visualizations is easy and quickly.

In QGIS you can create a 3D model in a few simple steps.

1. Add a Data layer that contains 3D data, like a DEM

2. Open a new 3D Map View, go to View manu > New 3D Map View (shortcut- Ctrl+Alt+M)

3. 3D Map View window appear, open the configuration options.

4. Select Terrain, set ‘Type’ to ‘DEM (Raster Layer)’ and select your data layer from the drop-down.

5. Adjust the view angle to show the 3D attributes.

6. Finally click Apply, then Ok button.

3D Map View Toolbars

  1. Camera Control
  2. Zoom Full
  3. Toggle On-Screen Nagigation
  4. Identity
  5. Measurement Line
  6. Animations
  7. Save as Image
  8. Export 3D Scene
  9. Set View Theme
  10. Options
  11. Dock 3D Map View

Add 3D View to a Map Layout

  1. Create a new map layout
  2. On the Project manu, select New Print Layout.
  3. Create Print Layout window appear, write the layout name.
  4. Select Add 3D map from the toolbox or from the Add Item drop-down on the main menu
  5. Click and drag to specify the location of the 3D map
  6. Select your 3D Map View from the Copy Settings from 3D View drop-down
  7. Select your 3D Map View from the Set From a 3D View drop-down
  8. Now your 3D view will appear in the map layout.

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