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ArcReader provides all the GIS users to share maps locally, over networks, and also on the Internet. It’s a live connection to data is an dynamic view. This also makes Arc Reader useful for publishing maps based on ArcGIS Server.


Download ArcReader

The Arc-Reader 10.8.2 update planned for December 2021 will be the last release. The software will continue to be available as a download from My Esri.

The online documentation available of the Arc-Reader Product Support Life Cycle.

ArcReader Tutorial

Before you can start, Arc-Reader must be installed on your computer.

Starting Arc Reader

Go to your Program files > ArcGIS and click Arc-Reader.

You can also open Arc-Reader from the command (cmd) line. Open “cmd” prompt, Type “<install_dir\arcreader.exe>”. For example, <D:\program files\ArcGIS\Desktop\bin\arcreader.exe>.

Open Map

Navigate to your folder in where you saved published map (.pmf).

Double-click the published map, it will launch Arc-Reader and display the map.

You can also open map through Arc-Reader application;

  1. Click the Open button Open , or click the File menu and click Open.
  2. Click the Look In drop-down arrow, and navigate to the folder that present the map.
  3. Click the map you want to open.
  4. Click Open.

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