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What is QGIS?

QGIS stand for Quantum GIS, it’s a Free and open-source GIS Software to perform GIS (Geographic Information System) application, that supports create, edit, visualize and analysis of Geo-spatial data.

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Download QGIS Software

The current version is 3.34.0 ‘Prizren’ has been released. Download QGIS Software. Q-GIS is available on Windows, macOS, Linux and Android.

QGIS All Version:

VersionCode nameRelease Date
3.4 LTRMadeira2018-10-26
3.10 LTRA Coruña2019-10-25
3.16 LTRHannover2020-10-23
3.22 LTRBiałowieża2021-10-22
3.26Buenos Aires2022-06-17
3.28 LTRFirenze2022-10-21
“LTR” indicates a Long Term Release

QGIS Desktop/ Software

The QGIS GUI (Graphical User Interface) is divided into five components:

  1. Menu Bar
  2. Toolbars
  3. Panels
  4. Map View
  5. Status Bar

QGIS Menu Bar

Menu OptionShortcutToolbar
New from template ►
Open from ►
► GeoPackage…
► PostgreSQL…
Open Recent ►Alt+J + R
Save As…Ctrl+Shift+SProject
Save to ►
► Templates…
► GeoPackage…
► PostgreSQL…
Snapping Options…
Import/Export ►
Export Map to Image…
Export Map to PDF…
► Export Project to DXF…
► Import Layers from DWG/DXF…
New Print Layout…Ctrl+PProject
New Report…
Layout Manager…Project
Layouts ►
Menu OptionShortcutToolbar
Cut FeaturesCtrl+XDigitizing
Copy FeaturesCtrl+CDigitizing
Paste FeaturesCtrl+VDigitizing
Paste Features as ►
► New Vector Layer…
► Temporary Scratch Layer…Ctrl+Alt+V
Delete SelectedDigitizing
Select ►
Select Feature(s)Selection
Select Features by PolygonSelection
Select Features by FreehandSelection
Select Features by RadiusSelection
Select Features by Value…F3Selection
Select Features by Expression…Ctrl+F3Selection
Deselect Features from All LayersCtrl+Alt+ASelection
Deselect Features from the Current Active LayerCtrl+Shift+ASelection
► Reselect Features
Select All FeaturesCtrl+ASelection
Invert Feature SelectionSelection
Add RecordCtrl+.Digitizing
Add Point FeatureCtrl+.Digitizing
Add Line FeatureCtrl+.Digitizing
Add Polygon FeatureCtrl+.Digitizing
Add Circular StringShape Digitizing
Add Circular String by RadiusShape Digitizing
Add Circle ►Shape Digitizing
Add Circle from 2 PointsShape Digitizing
Add Circle from 3 PointsShape Digitizing
Add Circle from 3 TangentsShape Digitizing
Add Circle from 2 Tangents and a PointShape Digitizing
Add Circle by a Center Point and Another PointShape Digitizing
Add Rectangle ►Shape Digitizing
Add Rectangle from ExtentShape Digitizing
Add Rectangle from Center and a PointShape Digitizing
Add Rectangle from 3 Points (Distance from 2nd and 3rd point)Shape Digitizing
Add Rectangle from 3 Points (Distance from projected point on segment p1 and p2)Shape Digitizing
Add Regular Polygon ►Shape Digitizing
Add Regular Polygon from Center and a PointShape Digitizing
Add Regular Polygon from Center and a CornerShape Digitizing
Add Regular Polygon from 2 PointsShape Digitizing
Add Ellipse ►Shape Digitizing
Add Ellipse from Center and 2 PointsShape Digitizing
Add Ellipse from Center and a PointShape Digitizing
Add Ellipse from ExtentShape Digitizing
Add Ellipse from FociShape Digitizing
Add Annotation ►
Text AnnotationAnnotations
Form AnnotationAnnotations
HTML AnnotationAnnotations
SVG AnnotationAnnotations
Edit Attributes ►
Modify Attributes of Selected FeaturesDigitizing
Merge Attributes of Selected FeaturesAdvanced Digitizing
Edit Geometry ►
Move Feature(s)Advanced Digitizing
Copy and Move Feature(s)Advanced Digitizing
Rotate Feature(s)Advanced Digitizing
Scale Feature(s)Advanced Digitizing
Simplify FeatureAdvanced Digitizing
Add RingAdvanced Digitizing
Add PartAdvanced Digitizing
Fill RingAdvanced Digitizing
Delete RingAdvanced Digitizing
Delete PartAdvanced Digitizing
Reshape FeaturesAdvanced Digitizing
Offset CurveAdvanced Digitizing
Split FeaturesAdvanced Digitizing
Split PartsAdvanced Digitizing
Merge Selected FeaturesAdvanced Digitizing
Vertex Tool (All Layers)Digitizing
Vertex Tool (Current Layer)Digitizing
Reverse LineAdvanced Digitizing
Trim/extend FeatureAdvanced Digitizing
Rotate Point SymbolsAdvanced Digitizing
Offset Point SymbolsAdvanced Digitizing
Menu OptionShortcut
New Map ViewCtrl+M
New 3D Map ViewCtrl+Alt+M
Pan Map
Pan Map to Selection
Zoom InCtrl+Alt++
Zoom OutCtrl+Alt+-
Identify FeaturesCtrl+Shift+I
Measure ►
Measure LineCtrl+Shift+M
Measure AreaCtrl+Shift+J
Measure Angle
Statistical Summary
Zoom FullCtrl+Shift+F
Zoom To SelectionCtrl+J
Zoom To Layer(s)
Zoom To Native Resolution (100%)
Zoom Last
Zoom Next
Decorations ►Alt+V + D
► Grid
► Scale Bar
► Image
► North Arrow
► Title Label
► Copyright Label
► Layout Extents
Preview mode ►
► Normal
► Simulate Monochrome
► Simulate Achromatopsia Color Blindness (Grayscale)
► Simulate Protanopia Color Blindness (No Red)
► Simulate Deuteranopia Color Blindness (No Green)
► Simulate Tritanopia Color Blindness (No Blue)
Show Map Tips
New Spatial Bookmark…Ctrl+B
Show Spatial BookmarksCtrl+Shift+B
Show Spatial Bookmark Manager
Layer Visibility ►
Show All LayersCtrl+Shift+U
Hide All LayersCtrl+Shift+H
Show Selected Layers
Hide Selected Layers
Toggle Selected Layers
► Toggle Selected Layers Independently
Hide Deselected Layers
Panels ►
► Advanced Digitizing
► Browser
► Browser (2)
► Debugging/Development ToolsF12
► Geometry Validation
► GPS Information
► GRASS Tools
► Layer Order
► Layer Styling
► Layers
► Log Messages
► Overview
► Processing Toolbox
► Results Viewer
► Snapping and Digitizing Options
► Spatial Bookmark Manager
► Statistics
► Temporal Controller
► Tile Scale
► Undo/Redo
Toolbars ►
► Advanced Digitizing Toolbar
► Annotations Toolbar
► Attributes Toolbar
► Data Source Manager Toolbar
► Database Toolbar
► Digitizing Toolbar
► Help Toolbar
► Label Toolbar
► Manage Layers Toolbar
► Map Navigation Toolbar
► Mesh Digitizing Toolbar
► Plugins Toolbar
► Project Toolbar
► Raster Toolbar
► Selection Toolbar
► Shape Digitizing Toolbar
► Snapping Toolbar
► Vector Toolbar
► Web Toolbar
Toggle Full Screen ModeF11
Toggle Panel VisibilityCtrl+Tab
Toggle Map OnlyCtrl+Shift+Tab
Menu OptionShortcutToolbar
Data Source ManagerCtrl+LData Source Manager
Create Layer ►
New GeoPackage Layer…Ctrl+Shift+NData Source Manager
New Shapefile Layer…Data Source Manager
New SpatiaLite Layer…Data Source Manager
New Temporary Scratch Layer…Data Source Manager
New Mesh Layer…Data Source Manager
New GPX Layer…Data Source Manager
New Virtual Layer…Data Source Manager
Add Layer ►
Add Vector Layer……Ctrl+Shift+VManage Layers
Add Raster Layer…Ctrl+Shift+RManage Layers
Add Mesh Layer…Manage Layers
Add Delimited Text Layer…Ctrl+Shift+TManage Layers
Add PostGIS Layer…Ctrl+Shift+DManage Layers
Add SpatiaLite Layer…Ctrl+Shift+LManage Layers
Add MSSQL Spatial Layer…Manage Layers
Add Oracle Spatial Layer…Manage Layers
Add/Edit Virtual Layer…Manage Layers
Add WMS/WMTS Layer…Ctrl+Shift+WManage Layers
Add XYZ Layer…
Add ArcGIS REST Service Layer…Manage Layers
Add WCS Layer…Manage Layers
Add WFS Layer…Manage Layers
Add Vector Tile Layer…
Embed Layers and Groups…
Add from Layer Definition File…
Copy Style
Paste Style
Copy Layer
Paste Layer/Group
Open Attribute TableF6Attributes
Filter Attribute Table ►
Open Attribute Table (Selected Features)Shift+F6Attributes
Open Attribute Table (Visible Features)Ctrl+F6Attributes
Open Attribute Table (Edited and New Features)Attributes
Toggle EditingDigitizing
Save Layer EditsDigitizing
Current Edits ►Digitizing
► Save for Selected Layer(s)Digitizing
► Rollback for Selected Layer(s)Digitizing
► Cancel for Selected Layer(s)Digitizing
► Save for all LayersDigitizing
► Rollback for all LayersDigitizing
► Cancel for all LayersDigitizing
Save As…
Save As Layer Definition File…
Remove Layer/GroupCtrl+D
Duplicate Layer(s)
Set Scale Visibility of Layer(s)
Set CRS of Layer(s)Ctrl+Shift+C
Set Project CRS from Layer
Layer Properties…
Show in Overview
Show All in Overview
Hide All from Overview
Menu Option
User Profiles ►
► default
► Open Active Profile Folder
► New Profile…
Style Manager…
Custom Projections…
Keyboard Shortcuts…
Interface Customization…
Menu OptionShortcutToolbar
Manage and Install Plugins…
Python ConsoleCtrl+Alt+PPlugins
Menu OptionShortcutToolbar
Check Geometries…
GPS ToolsAlt+O + GVector
Topology CheckerVector
Geoprocessing Tools ►Alt+O + G
► Buffer…
► Clip…
► Convex Hull…
► Difference…
► Dissolve…
► Intersection…
► Symmetrical Difference…
► Union…
► Eliminate Selected Polygons…
Geometry Tools ►Alt+O + E
► Centroids…
► Collect Geometries…
► Extract Vertices…
► Multipart to Singleparts…
► Polygons to Lines…
► Simplify…
► Check Validity…
► Delaunay Triangulation…
► Densify by Count…
► Add Geometry Attributes…
► Lines to Polygons…
► Voronoi Polygons…
Analysis Tools ►Alt+O + A
► Line Intersection…
► Mean Coordinate(s)…
► Basic Statistics for Fields…
► Count Points in Polygon…
► Distance Matrix…
► List Unique Values…
► Nearest Neighbour Analysis…
► Sum Line Lengths…
Data Management Tools ►Alt+O + D
► Merge Vector Layers…
► Reproject Layer…
► Create Spatial Index…
► Join Attributes by Location…
► Split Vector Layer…
Research Tools ►Alt+O + R
► Select by Location…
► Extract Layer Extent…
► Random Points in Extent…
► Random Points in Layer Bounds…
► Random Points Inside Polygons…
► Random Selection…
► Random Selection Within Subsets…
► Regular Points…
Menu OptionShortcutToolbar
Raster calculator…
Align Raster…
GeoreferencerAlt+R + GRaster
Analysis ►
► Aspect…
► Fill nodata…
► Grid (Moving Average)…
► Grid (Data Metrics)…
► Grid (Inverse Distance to a Power)…
► Grid (Nearest Neighbor)…
► Hillshade…
► Proximity (Raster Distance)…
► Roughness…
► Sieve…
► Slope…
► Topographic Position Index (TPI)…
► Terrain Ruggedness Index (TRI)…
Projections ►
► Assign Projection…
► Extract Projection…
► Warp (Reproject)…
Miscellaneous ►
► Build Virtual Raster…
► Raster Information…
► Merge…
► Build Overviews (Pyramids)…
► Tile Index…
Extraction ►
► Clip Raster by Extent…
► Clip Raster by Mask Layer…
► Contour…
Conversion ►
► PCT to RGB…
► Polygonize (Raster to Vector)…
► Rasterize (Vector to Raster)…
► RGB to PCT…
► Translate (Convert Format)…
Menu OptionShortcutToolbar
Offline editing…Alt+D + O
Convert to Offline Project…Database
DB Manager…Database
Menu OptionShortcutToolbar
MetaSearch ►Alt+W + M
► Help
Menu Option
Mesh Calculator…
Reindex Faces and Vertices
Menu OptionShortcut
Graphical Modeler…Ctrl+Alt+G
Results ViewerCtrl+Alt+R
Edit Features In-Place
Menu OptionShortcutToolbar
Help ContentsF1Help
API Documentation
Plugins ►
Report an Issue
Need commercial support?
QGIS Home PageCtrl+H
Check QGIS Version
QGIS Sustaining Members

QGIS Panels and Toolbars

Panel nameShortcut
Advanced DigitizingCtrl+4
Browser (2)
Debugging/Development ToolsF12
Elevation Profile
Geometry Validation
GPS InformationCtrl+0
Layer OrderCtrl+9
Layer StylingCtrl+3
Log Messages
Processing Toolbox
Results Viewer
Snapping and Digitizing Options
Spatial Bookmark ManagerCtrl+7
Temporal Controller
Tile Scale
Vertex Editor
Toolbar Name
Advanced Digitizing Toolbar
Annotations Toolbar
Data Source Manager
Manage Layers
Map Navigation
Mesh Digitizing Toolbar
Processing Algorithms
Shape digitizing

QGIS Map View

Map view Options
Exploring the map view
Setting additional map views
Exporting the map view

QGIS Status Bar

Status bar Options
Locator bar
Reporting actions
Control the map canvas

QGIS Default Core Plugins

DB ManagerManage your databases
Geometry CheckerCheck and repair errors in vector geometries
GPS ToolsTools for loading and importing GPS data
GRASSGRASS functionality
MetaSearch Catalog ClientInteract with metadata catalog services (CSW)
Offline Editing PluginOffline editing and synchronizing with database
Processing frameworkSpatial data processing framework
Topology CheckerFind topological errors in vector layers

QGIS Tutorial


The Georeferencer tool generating reference raster to geographic or projected coordinate systems by creating a new GeoTIff or by adding a world file to the existing image.

Perform Image to Image Georeferencing.

Perform Ground to Image Georeferencing.

Vector Data (Shapefile)

The Vector file or Shapefile is digital forms of maps to create symbology, labeling, diagrams. It also data storage format for storing the location, shape, and attributes of geographic features.

Create Vector Data or Shapefile.


Digitization is a process of Raster 2 Vector Conversion.

Perform Raster 2 Vector Conversion (screen Digitization).

Uses of Attributes Toolbar

Attributes Toolbar use for editing Maps and manipulating Data.

Use Attributes Toolbar.

Layout (Print composer)

The Print Composer provides growing layout and printing capabilities. It allows you to add elements such as the Q-GIS map canvas.

Perform Layout in QGIS.


Is Q-GIS for free?

Q-GIS is the Free and Open Source Desktop GIS Software. It allows you to create, edit, visualize, analyze and publish Geo-spatial information.

Q-GIS Support all systems?

Q-GIS is available on Windows, macOS, Linux and Android.

How to Download Q-GIS?

The current version is Q-GIS 3.32.3 ‘Lima’ has been released. Download QGIS Software.

Is Q-GIS easy to learn?

QGIS is the easiest for learning. Many sources are to learn Q-GIS. Free QGIS Tutorial for Beginners is available in GISRSSTUDY.

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