Convert KML File to shapefile- ArcGIS

Keyhole Markup Language (KML) is an Geographic Data , basically it is a Google Earth Data structure. In this Tutorial Learn how to convert KML file to Shapefile.

Save or Export KML file, first open Google Earth. now you can search any places or create polygon, path or point. i can search Fire Station in California and show all the result.

search places

The next step is save to KML. At first create a Foldel (fire station california). Now select your search places one by one, right click and select copy as kml. your place is copy just past it on your new folder(fire station california).

Now right click your folder(fire station california) and click save place as. defalt name is fire station california (you also change this name) and select file type .kml.

Launch ArcMap Application and open Arc Toolbox. Arc toolbox window is appears expend Conversion tools, then expend From KML sub group and select KML to Layer

KML to Layer window are appears Browse Input file(fire station california) and select your Output destination, then click OK.

processing is complited, Automatically Add all the Data.

Data is added, you can customize the data (change symbology, color, name label etc. Also view the Attribute Data.

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