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GeoPlanner for ArcGIS

What is GeoPlanner

ArcGIS GeoPlanner is a application for geodesign and scenario planning, that keeps the pulse on the environmental impact for new or existing designs. It’s helps communicate design intent while balancing environmental constraints.

Features of GeoPlanner

  • GeoPlanner provides a design framework and supporting technology for professionals to leverage geographic information.
  • It is a collaborative set of tools, you can work simultaneously with others on plans and designs or share items including web maps, feature layers, and data exports.
  • GeoPlanner supports a complete planning workflow from project creation to report generation.

GeoPlanner Tutorial

Once you have signed in to the app, you’ll be prompted to create a new project.

Project settings

Click the Open Menu button of the app to display the project settings.

Tools available Tools in GeoPlanner :

  • Info—Access and edit project properties, and invite a user to the project team.
  • Save—Save the project.
  • Open—Open an existing project.
  • Create—Create a new project.
  • Attachment—Discover files, like- .pdf, .docx, and so on, shared with the project group or your organization.
  • Export—Export your web map and scene.
    • Export Web Map—Export your web map and save it in your ArcGIS organizational account. This allows you to access your scenarios, designs, or plans in a story, Web AppBuilder app, or any other ArcGIS software.
    • Export Web Scene—Export your 3D content and save it in your ArcGIS organizational account. This allows you to share your 3D content with others using Scene Viewer.
  • Collaborate—Tools that allow collaboration with users during the planning and sharing process.
    • Update Project Defaults—Share your current web map with anyone who is collaborating with you on a project.
    • Reset Project—Refresh your current web map with the content, layers, and dashboard that others have shared through the project web map.
    • Save as Template—Save your current project as a template, so you can create new projects using the layers, dashboard, and other settings you’ve created in your project.
  • Print—Export the current map to a .pdf file and other image formats.
ArcGIS GeoPlanner workshop

Other tools are;

  • Support—you can connect to GeoPlanner support team for any quary.
  • Community—in the community tab, communicate other users to share experience used GeoPlanner.
  • Help—this tool helping you to how to use GeoPlanner.
  • About—GeoPlanner app information.