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In this Tutorial Learn How to create Geodatabase in ArcGIS.

Create a new file Geodatabase

1. In the Catalog window expand your folder (ex. ArcGIS_Tutorial), Right click> New, select File Geodatabase

geodatabase arcgis

2. Create Feature Dataset within File Geodatabase

A feature dataset is a collection of related feature classes that share a common Coordinate system.

Feature datasets are used to spatially integrate related feature classes. Their primary purpose is for organizing related feature classes into a common dataset for better management purposes. Here are the steps to create a feature dataset:

Right-click already create File Geodatabase (.gdb), now select Feature Dataset.


Write Name (sikkim_project) and click the Next button. Click Add Coordinate System tool > Import option and select your rectified map.

Click Next button all are Default option is ok just Skip it and Click Finish button to close the wizard.

3. Create Feature Classes within Feature Dataset

A Feature class is a collection of geographic features that share the same geometry type (such as point. line, or polygon). And the same attribute fields for a common area.

Select the Map Feature dataset(sikkim_project), click the right button of the mouse. > New > feature Class.

Type Name and Alias, select feature Type. The database storage configuration wizard, do not make any changes just click the Next button. In the fields creation wizard, add new Field and select type in the field blank row. You can also import data to click the Import button. Click the Finish button.

Create Table in File Geodatabase

The attributes and properties of Geographic objects are stored and managed in Tables. Tabular information is the basis of geographic features, allowing you to visualize, query, and analyze your data. You create here one such type of Table for storing both spatial and attribute information.

1. In the Catulog window select the Geodatabase(.gdb), Right click > New> Table.

2. Write Name and Alias(sikkimNationalpark) of the table, click the Next button. In the database storage configuration wizard, do not make any changes just click the Next button.

In the fields creation wizard, click the blank row in the Field Name, write a name, and then select the data type. Finally, click the Finish button.

3. Click the Editor Button present on the Editor Toolbar and select Start Editing. Select the table(sikkimNationalpark) from TOC Window. Right-click and choose Open, Add the records within this table.

Save edits and Stop editing session.

Adding ‘x’ and ‘y’ coordinate data as layer to the map

4. Select Table(SikkimNationalpark) from the TOC window, Right-click, and choose Display XY Data. 

5. In Display, XY Data window, X and Y field automatically default selected, X field is Longitude, and Y field is Latitude. The coordinates system is automatically selected. Finally, click the ok button to close the Add XY Data window.

Now Display your Data in the Map Frame.


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