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Cloud GIS

What is Cloud GIS?

Cloud GIS is a web-based GIS, powered by cloud computing. Its provides full desktop GIS features enriched by the web. You can easily and efficiently visualize data, customized mapping reports, geographic analysis and explore geographic information.

Cloud Based GIS

Cloud Based GIS Applications:

Various applications are available in GIS Cloud, to help you manage and visualize the data– QGIS Cloud, ArcGIS on Cloud, MyGeodata Cloud, AWS GIS, and more.

QGIS Cloud

QGIS Cloud is your personal spatial data infrastructure on the internet. Publish QGIS projects as maps and data. Also Share spatial data with others.

Learn more about QGIS Cloud/Online

ArcGIS Cloud

ArcGIS Enterprise deploys many cloud platforms:

ArcGIS Enterprise in the cloud

ArcGIS Enterprise takes advantage of multiple types of cloud resources, such as virtual machines, database services, and cloud storage, to implement functionality.

ArcGIS Enterprise implementation in a cloud environment, consider how you will deploy the software and which cloud features you’ll use as part of your Enterprise deployment.

Learn more about ArcGIS Enterprise Cloud


Use ArcGIS Enterprise Cloud Builder for Amazon Web Services to deploy ArcGIS Enterprise and ArcGIS Server sites on AWS.

AWS provides you with tools to help you deploy the components of ArcGIS Enterprise on AWS.

Learn more about AWS GIS

Microsoft Azure

ArcGIS Enterprise Cloud Builder for Microsoft Azure and use it to deploy ArcGIS Enterprise and build ArcGIS Server sites to fill specific roles in your deployment.

ArcGIS Enterprise Cloud Builder for Microsoft Azure allows you to deploy ArcGIS Enterprise, ArcGIS Server sites, ArcGIS Pro, and ArcGIS Desktop on Microsoft Azure virtual machines.

Learn more about Microsoft Azure

Esri Managed Cloud Services

Esri Managed Cloud Services experts work with you to select the cloud GIS approach that is right for your organization from adopting a 100 percent cloud infrastructure to adding a cloud deployment to your planned or existing capabilities.

As your business goals and needs change, Esri Managed Cloud Services can help you optimize your organization’s cloud capabilities to achieve the results you’re looking for.

Learn more about Esri Managed Cloud Services

ArcGIS Online

ArcGIS Online is a Cloud-based software to create and share interactive web maps.

Its world-class infrastructure allows your maps to scale, so thousands of people can concurrently interact with them.

Learn more about ArcGIS Online

MyGeodata Cloud

MyGeodata allows, share or uploads your own GIS data, converts them on-line to various GIS/CAD formats and coordinates systems, shows your GIS data on a map, share or publishes your data, and many more.

Learn more about MyGeodata Cloud

GIS Cloud Real-time Mapping

GIS Cloud web portal is a real-time mapping platform for field data collection, operations management, and collaboration. It works online, offline and on-premises.

To share data and maps with the public, convert your project into a branded Map Portal in less than 30 minutes.

Also, you can access your project privately through a simple Map Viewer interface.

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