AWS/Amazon GIS

What is AWS?

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is an on-demand cloud computing platform and APIs for individuals, companies, and governments.

These cloud computing web services provide various services related to networking, compute, storage, middle-ware, IoT and other processing capacity, as well as software tools via AWS server farms.

What is AWS GIS?

Amazon Web Services Combine GIS with the power and innovation of AWS.

If you are hosting an ArcGIS web app today, then you are probably hosting it on a Windows or Linux server using traditional web server software like IIS or Apache.

Esri and Amazon Web Services

Esri makes ArcGIS, an innovative mapping and analytics platform designed to enable everyone in an organization to discover, make, use and share geographic information.

ArcGIS runs beautifully on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Esri offers a variety of consulting services to help achieve the most capable and cost-effective deployment of ArcGIS on Amazon Web Services.

ArcGIS Enterprise on Amazon Web Services

ArcGIS Enterprise on Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides you with tools to help you deploy the components of ArcGIS Enterprise on AWS.

The ArcGIS Enterprise components run on Amazon hardware, and the deployments are administered through web services.

Geodatabases on Amazon Web Services

Geodatabases store spatial and non-spatial data. File and workgroup geodatabases on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud instances or enterprise geodatabases stored in Amazon Relational Database Service instances are intended to store data you serve from your ArcGIS Server sites on Amazon Web Services.

ArcGIS Enterprise on AWS deployment tools provide options to include an enterprise geodatabase in an Amazon database service with your stand-alone ArcGIS GIS Server site.

When you use Esri AWS CloudFormation templates, you have the option to add the geodatabase as a registered database or managed database.

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