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ArcGIS Enterprise 11

ArcGIS Enterprise is being turned up to 11, announce ArcGIS Enterprise 11.0, part of the ArcGIS 2022 Q2 releases, is now available to all eligible customers worldwide.

This release will be the first time increased the major version number of ArcGIS Server, now part of ArcGIS Enterprise, in over 10 years.

Highlight Features

  • Enterprise 11.0 on Windows and Linux includes significant under-the-hood changes in technology.
  • Upgrading to Enterprise 11.0 will require more planning than previous upgrades.
  • Prepare for these changes in Enterprise 11.0 by first upgrading to 10.9.1.


ArcGIS Enterprise 11

What’s New in Enterprise 11.0

Enterprise 11.0 introduces full of new enhancements and functionality, new features for data management and administration.

New Features:

Changes in Enterprise 11.0

System requirements

Windows Server 2012 is no longer supported by ArcGIS Enterprise.

The system requirements page for each component, site, and app you deploy, as well as the requirements pages for tools such as ArcGIS Enterprise Builder or ArcGIS Enterprise SDK. Use the following links to access each page:

Windows operating system requirements

Supported operating systemLatest update or service pack tested
Windows Server 2022 Standard and Data centerMay 2022 update
Windows Server 2019 Standard and Data centerMay 2022 update
Windows Server 2016 Standard and Data centerMay 2022 update

Web browsers requirements

The following browsers are supported for most components:

  • Google Chrome version 99 and later
  • Microsoft Edge version 99 and later
  • Mozilla Firefox version 100 and later
  • Mozilla Firefox version 91 (ESR)
  • Safari version 14 and later

Considerations for upgrades to 11.0

Before upgrading to 11.0 or later, review each retirement notice carefully. You may also consider the benefits of a transitional upgrade to 10.9.1 before directly upgrading to 11.0.

ArcGIS Enterprise portal

The latest release of ArcGIS Enterprise, Map Viewer includes enhancements in its interface and new functionalities. Map Viewer Classic is still available for use in ArcGIS Enterprise 11.0, but is no longer the default for creating web maps in your organization.

Map Viewer highlights include:

  • New layer effects
  • Create charts
  • Sketch enhancements
  • Pop-up improvements
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