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Geoprocessing in QGIS

You can use Geoprocessing Tools in QGIS to perform spatial operations.

Geoprocessing Tools

Open the Geoprocessing Tools in QGIS;

In the Toolbar menu, click on Vector , select Geoprocessing Tools, and see all the available Geoprocessing Tools.

Sl No.ToolPurpose
1BufferCreate buffer around features based on fixed distance based on distance field.
2ClipOverlay layers such that output contains areas that intersect the clip layer.
3Convex hullCreate minimum convex hull for an input layer, or based on an ID field.
4DifferenceOverlay layers such that output contains areas not intersecting the clip layer.
5DissolveMerge features based on input field. All features with identical input values are combined to form one single feature.
6IntersectOverlay layers such that output contains areas where both layers intersect.
7Symmetrical differenceOverlay layers such that output contains those areas of the input and difference layers that do not intersect.
8UnionOverlay layers such that output contains intersecting and non-intersecting areas.
9Eliminate sliver polygonsMerges selected features with the neighboring polygon with the largest area or largest common boundary.

Vector Geoprocessing

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