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ArcGIS Hub

What is ArcGIS Hub?

ArcGIS Hub is a cloud-based engagement platform that enables organizations to communicate more effectively with their communities. It is an easy-to-configure community engagement platform that organizes people, data, and tools through information-driven initiatives.

You can create Esri hub sites to aggregate resources and start conversations with internal and public audiences around a specific project, topic, or your goal.


  • Share open data
  • Create many websites and web pages
  • Organize around initiatives


  • Maps and Apps
    • Informative charts
    • Interactive Maps
    • Narrative Story Maps
    • Dashboards
    • Data-Driven Microsite
  • A place to collaborate
    • Local Businesses
    • Universities
    • NGOs
    • Startups
    • Citizen Scientists
  • Capture data and input
    • Initiative-Related Surveys
    • Development Proposals
    • Community Events and Meetups
  • Tools for innovation
    • Civic Developers
    • Volunteers
    • Students
    • Open Source Community

Hub License

Arc GIS Hub is available at two license levels:

  1. Basic
  2. Premium

Hub Basic

ArcGIS Hub Basic is included with ArcGIS Online subscriptions, to deliver data sharing and site creation capabilities.


  • Create unlimited websites and pages using the site editor.
  • Build a catalog of searchable content for each of your sites using the site’s content library.
  • Work with colleagues by adding them to your site’s core team for shared editing.
  • Integrate with ArcGIS Survey123 to share anonymous surveys on your sites and pages.
  • Control who can access your site’s content using sharing controls.

Hub Premium

ArcGIS Hub Premium includes additional features and capabilities for working with teams of people.

Features :

  • Choose a template from the template gallery to get started with pre-designed sites and configurable applications.
  • Turn your initiative and its content into templates so that others have access to deployable solutions for their own use.
  • Create additional supporting teams to share internal content with specific groups of people, including community members.
  • Use the events management system to share details about discussions, forums, and other gatherings related to your initiative.
  • Create templates of an initiative’s app so the people with whom it’s shared can deploy your solution and configure it with their own data.
  • Share targeted surveys with specific groups, such as supporting teams, to receive follow-up feedback from event attendees or to gain insight from a specific audience.

Hub Gallery

You can use ArcGIS Hub Gallery, to create your project with open Data.

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