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Land Use Change with Time Period in ArcGIS Pro

Land Use Change is responsible for 18% of global greenhouse gas emissions, principally from deforestation. Remote Sensing (RS) has been used to classify and map land cover and land use changes with different techniques and data sets.

In this Tutorial Learn Land use change with time period.

Add Administrative Boundaries and Landsat Data

Every map starts with a basemap, which provides geographic phenomenan for the data you want to display on the map.

1. Now first Add the World Boundary. click Add Data, choose Data, select Living Atlas in the Portal group.Dropdown Categories in right side and select Boundaries. Add World Boundaries and places.

world boundaries

2. Next, you’ll add the Landsat imagery layer. In the Living Atlas pane, in Search for layers, type Multispectral and press Enter.

drag layer

3. The layer (Multispectral Landsat) is added to the Contents pane. In the Contents pane, click the World Boundaries and to drag the layer above the Multispectral layer.

Show Imagery over Time

Landsat satellites have been taking pictures of the planet for almost 50 years. As satellite imaging technology has improved, so have the quality and types of data collected. Time period start to 1972 to at Recent time.

1. First, you’ll locate the area of interest and zoom the multispectral imagery. The time toolbar appears at the upper portion of the map window, now you can change time period and also use Start and stop button to automatically change Time period.

land use imagery time settings

The Time toolbar Advanced setting, go to Time tab and all the setting option available here.

You can set Different time period imagery (Ex. 1990,2000,2010,2020), Save it and also create a Layout.

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