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Create DEM & Contour from Google Earth in ArcGIS

In this Tutorial learn, how to Create Contour & DEM (Digital Elevation Models) from Google Earth with to help of ArcGIS software.

Digital Elevation Model (DEM) is an Elevation data to represent Terrain.

DEMs are used often in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and are the most common basis for digitally-produced relief maps as well as surface modeling.

Open Google Earth.

DEM from google earth

Google Earth is open to select any area or search for any particular region (choose Hill Area).
Now Add Path and create polyline or path Data. Write the File Name (path) and click OK.

create path

The next step is to save your data. Right-click Path and select save place as. Choose Data Format KML.

In the next part, KML Data convert to GPX Data to help from GPX Visualizer site.

Open GPS Visualizer Elevation, Browse KML File (path.klm), then convert & add elevation Output select GPX file.

create dem gps visualizer

Finally, open ArcGIS Software and add the GPX Data to Feature.

In the Search Box Search GPX to features, or you can also manually open this Tool. Open ArcTollbox, in the Conversion Tools group select From GPS subgroup and open GPX to Features Tool.

GPX to Features window appears, select Input GPX File (path.gpx) and also Output Feature Class then click OK button.

Now add GPX Feature Data (path_feature) in ArcMap.

Create a DEM open IDW Tool.

In the search box, search IDW. or you can also manually open this Tool. Open ArcTollbox, in the Spatial Analyst Tools group Select Interpolation subgroup and Open IDW Tool.

create dem IDW tool

IDW Tool window appears, select Input point features (path_feature). The most Important Z value filed select Elevation, and choose output raster Destination. Finally, click the OK button.

create dem

Add IDW in Table of Contents, and show the DEM result.

create DEM or IDW

Right-click IDW, select Properties. Layer Properties window appears in the Symbology group, Choose Stretched and click OK.

DEM layer properties
create DEM

Now you can easily Create a Contour Map to use this DEM Data.

create contour
contour map

Create TIN (Triangulated Irregular Network) to proper 3D view.


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