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Georeferencer in QGIS

Georeferencer is a tool for generating world files for raster. It allows to reference raster to geographic or projected coordinate systems by creating a new GeoTiff or by adding a world file to the existing image.

Georeferencer Features

IconPurposeIconPurpose rasterstartStart georeferencing
gdalScriptGenerate GDAL ScriptloadGCPpointsLoad GCP Points
saveGCPPointsAsSave GCP Points AstransformSettingsTransformation settings
addGCPPointAdd PointdeleteGCPPointDelete Point
moveGCPPointMove GCP PointpanPan
zoomInZoom InzoomOutZoom Out
zoomToLayerZoom To LayerzoomLastZoom Last
zoomNextZoom NextlinkGeorefToQGisLink Georeferencer to QGIS
linkQGisToGeorefLink QGIS to GeoreferencerfullHistogramStretchFull histogram stretch
localHistogramStretchLocal histogram stretch

Now start to the Georeferencing process for unreferenced Raster in QGIS.

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