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Basemap in QGIS

In other GIS Software, like; ArcGIS, ArcGIS Pro, Erdas Imagine, GRASS GIS, GeoMedia, etc offers a Basemap. QGIS also provide a many different types of Basemaps.

This tutorial we will three ways to add Basemaps in your QGIS project.

  1. OpenStreetMap (Default)
  2. Web Map Service (WMS)
  3. XYZ Tiles

    How to Add Basemaps in QGIS

    If you are new in QGIS, check out the article free QGIS tutorial for a quick guide.

    Add the OpenStreetMap Basemap

    OpenStreetMap is the default basemap in QGIS. OpenStreetMap is located in the Browser Panel under XYZ Tiles.

    Follow the step to add OpenStreetMap:

    1. Open Browser panel in View tab.

    open browser panel in qgis

    2. Under XYZ Tiles, Drag OpenStreetMap into the map canvas.

    OpenStreetMap basemap in qgis

    Add the Web Map Service Basemap

    To add a Web Map Services (WMS) in QGIS follow these steps:

    1. Navigate to WMS/WMTS in the Browser panel.

    2. Right click on WMS/WMTS and select New Connection.

    3. Enter the URL and a Name of the connection.

     Web Map Service Basemap

    4. Click OK button.

    Now you can drag the newly added WMS or WMTS layer into the map canvas.

    Add the XYZ Tiles Basemap

    1. Navigate to XYZ Tiles in the Browser panel.

    2. Right click on XYZ Tiles and select New Connection.

    3. Enter the map URL a name for the connect.

    XYZ Tiles Basemap

    4. Click OK.

    Now you see a new entry (world dem map) in the Browser panel under XYZ Tiles. Click and drag this basemap into the map canvas.

    Quick Map Services Basemap

    Another easiest way to add basemaps in QGIS to using the QuickMapServices Plugin.

    1. Go to Plugins Menu > Manage and Install Plugins.

    2. In the Plugins Window, search for QuickMapServices, then click Install button.

    QuickMapServices plugin

    3. After installation process is complete, you should be able to find QuickMapServices button in the Web Toolbar.

    4. Open the QuickMapServices Settings window, go to the More Services tab > Click Get Contributed Pack to get more basemaps.

    Quick Map Services map
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