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Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Download

Digital Elevation Model (DEM) widely known as a Digital Terrain Model (DTM). A DEM can be used to create topographic maps of overland terrain, as well as bathymetric maps.

A DEM data can be represented as a raster dataset, or as a vector-based Triangular Irregular Network (TIN).

Best 6 Free Sources for Download DEM Data

  1. USGS Earth Explore
  2. OpenDEM
  3. Bhuvan NRSC
  5. JPL-ASTER Global DEM

USGS Earth Explore

Earth Explorer provides a wide range of data, download for earth science data from the archives of the United States Geological Survey (USGS).

How to Download DEM

1st step to Search Criteria in Earth Explore.

In Data Sets, select Digital Elevation, and Result button.

digital elevation model download from usgs

See the list of all data sets. Click Footprint to show data area in the map section.

dem download

You must be logged in to the USGS Earth Explore portal for download data.

Click the Download optionDownload USGS Earth Explorer data for download Digital Elevation data.

DEM Download options


Open Digital Elevation Model (OpenDEM) the Portal for sharing the 3rd Dimension.

Visit the OpenDEM portal, and select Download.

OpenDEM download

5 options are available in the download section;

  • SRTM
  • High Precision XYZ Data
  • SRTM based Contour Lines
  • Bathymetry
  • Open DEM Tacker Data

Select your required data and downloaded it.

For e.x- download SRTM data. 2 options are available; i) SRTM Digital Terrain Model, ii) SRTM Digital Surface Model.

Bhuvan NRSC

Bhuvan NRSC allows you to access a variety of content, IRS imagery, map and Terrain data.

Download Process

Open the Bhuvan web portal. On the Home page, select Open Data Archive.

Bhuvan Open Data Archive

On the Open Data Archive page, select categorySatellite / Sensor, next select sub-category, choose Cartosat-1, last select productCartoDEM Versions.

CartoDEM-digital elevation model download

[The Cartosat-1 Digital Elevation Model (CartoDEM) is a National DEM developed by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). It is derived from the Cartosat-1 stereo payload launched in May 2005].

Finally, select your CartoDEM Version, now follow the process to download data


JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)-NASA provides SRTM C-band Radar data.

Visit JPL portal, select Data Products.

JPL Data Products

On the Data Products page, see the list of data files from different countries.

list of JPL Data Products - digital elevation model download

Select your required data, and downloaded it.


ASTER Global Digital Elevation Map (GDEM) Announcement the download World DEM map.

2 GDEM available for download.

  • GDEM Colorized Map
  • GDEM Black & White Map

You can download Tiff or the PNG file.

GDEM data download


JAXA EORC ALOS (Advanced Land Observing Satellite) provides High Resolution Map/Data.

Visit the ALOS portal. On the Dataset section, select your data.

ALOS dataset digital elevation model download

Download the data, first Register in the ALOS portal.

Registration process is completed, now you have access to download the data files.

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