What is a GeoTIFF

The GeoTIFF stand for Geographic Tagged Image File Format, it was initially developed during 1990’s. Geographic TIFF is format extension for storing Georeference and Geocoding information in a TIFF format. It can store a broad range of georeferencing information, as well as projected coordinate systems. Supported projections include UTM, US State Plane and National Grids, as well as the underlying projection types such as Transverse Mercator, Lambert Conformal Conic, etc.

Geographic TIFF uses 32-bit offsets, limiting its extent to 4 gigabytes. The Geographic TIFF format embeds geospatial metadata into image files such as Aerial photography, Satellite imagery, and Ddigitized maps so that they can be used in GIS Applications.

‍Download GeoTIFF File

Many sources are available for ‍Download TIFF File, like USGS Earth Explorer, Bhuvan NRSC, ESA, and more.

How to Download Geo-TIFF File in Earth Explorer

Downlode TIFF file, and use GIS Softwares for different purpose.

Download GeoTIFF
How to Use TIFF File in Erdas Imagine Software

Open GeoTIFF image in Erdas Imagine Softeware. Now you can perform multiple tasks, like; Spatial Analysis, create Thematic map, Land use survey, and more. Some Example in below:

open GeoTIFF image erdas imagine

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