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Satellite Imagery

Satellite Imagery/images are Data collected by Satellites to Earth’s Surface and Ocean. Satellite imagery is used for Weather analysis and forecasting, and also Satellite image analysis Land cover/ use.

Data Sources of Satellite Image

Download Free Satellite Imagery Data Sources

Satellite Image Google

Worldwide satellite imagery, 3D buildings, and terrain on the Earth. The world’s most detailed Globe Google Earth.

Satellite Image and Data Information

Example. 1: Landsat Data

Landsat image
source: usgs
Data Set AttributeAttribute Value
Landsat Product Identifier L1LT05_L1TP_018039_20111115_20200820_02_T1
Landsat Scene IdentifierLT50180392011319GNC01
Date Acquired2011/11/15
Collection CategoryT1
Collection Number2
Sensor ModeBUMPER
WRS Path018
WRS Row039
Full Partial SceneFULL
Date Product Generated L12020/08/20
Start Time2011:319:15:54:36.0649400
Stop Time2011:319:15:55:02.6776900
Station IdentifierGNC
Day/Night IndicatorDAY
Ground Control Points Model360
Land Cloud Cover43.00
Scene Cloud Cover L150.00
Ground Control Points Version5
Geometric RMSE Model4.405
Geometric RMSE Model X2.983
Geometric RMSE Model Y3.241
Sensor AnomaliesNONE
Data Anomaly
Image Quality9
Gain ChangeN
Processing Software VersionLPGS_15.3.1c
Sun Elevation L137.04821187
Sun Azimuth L1154.35691462
Data Type L1TM_L1TP
Sensor IdentifierTM
Ephemeris TypeDEFINITIVE
Reflective Lines7201
Reflective Samples8091
Thermal Lines7201
Thermal Samples8091
Product Map Projection L1UTM
UTM Zone17
Grid Cell Size Reflective30.00
Grid Cell Size Thermal30.00
Calibration Parameter FileLT05CPF_20111001_20111231_02.01
Scene Center Lat DMS30°17’42.76″N
Scene Center Long DMS83°55’11.35″W
Corner Upper Left Lat DMS31°13’19.49″N
Corner Upper Left Long DMS84°40’04.04″W
Corner Upper Right Lat DMS30°56’38.51″N
Corner Upper Right Long DMS82°45’22.28″W
Corner Lower Left Lat DMS29°38’13.49″N
Corner Lower Left Long DMS85°04’08.11″W
Corner Lower Right Lat DMS29°21’48.06″N
Corner Lower Right Long DMS83°11’12.41″W
Scene Center Latitude30.29521
Scene Center Longitude-83.91982
Corner Upper Left Latitude31.22208
Corner Upper Left Longitude-84.66779
Corner Upper Right Latitude30.94403
Corner Upper Right Longitude-82.75619
Corner Lower Left Latitude29.63708
Corner Lower Left Longitude-85.06892
Corner Lower Right Latitude29.36335
Corner Lower Right Longitude-83.18678

Example. 2: Resourcesat- LISS-III Data

Liss-III image
L3_SAT_10B_v1_88.25E21.75N_F45Q05 _17Apr19 source: bhuvan(NRSC)
I. Data Identification Information
1. Name of the Dataset: L3_SAT_10B_v1_88.25E21.75N_F45Q05 _17Apr19
2. Keywords Resourcesat-2, LISS-III, 24m, India, ISRO, NRSC,Ortho
3. Access Constraints Registered Users
4. Use Constraints As per NRSC Data Dissemination Policy
5. Purpose of creating data Ortho Corrected Imagery from IRS Resourcesat-2
6. Edition First
7. Status Completed: Ortho corrected data has been generated.
II. Geographic Location
1. Spheroid / Datum GCS, WGS-1984
III. Coverage
1. Upper left X = 88.25E, Y = 22N
2. Upper right X = 88.5E, Y = 22N
3. Lower right X = 88.5E, Y = 21.75N
4. Lower left X = 88.25E, Y = 21.75N (With collar of 40 pixels)
IV. Citation
1. Data Prepared by NRSC
2. Original SourceResourcesat-2 LISS-III(24m) 3. Lineage
  Tile Name: F45Q05
  Resolution: 0.000225 Deg
  File Format: Geotiff
V. Metadata Stamp
1. Metadata Date Stamp 2021-07-15
VI. Dataset Topic Category
1. Data Identification topic category Ortho rectified data
VII. Language
1. Language ISO 0639-2Bsh English
VIII. Abstract describing the data
1. Data Identification abstract This data is received from Linear Imaging and Self Scanning Sensor (LISS) which operates in three spectral bands in VNIR and one band in SWIR with 24 metre spatial resolution and a swath of 141 km.
IX. For Image Data
1. Name of the Satellite Resourcesat-2
2. Sensor LISS-III
3. Path 108
4. Row 057
5. Image Acquired From Resourcesat-2
6. Date of Pass 17Apr19
7. File Format Geotiff
8. Spatial Resolution 0.000225 Deg
9. Spatial Resolution Unit Deg
10. Number of Bands 4

Types of Satellite Imagery

  • VISIBLE: Visible satellite pictures can only be viewed during the day, clouds reflect the light from the sun.
  • INFRARED: Infrared satellite image show clouds in both day and night, it’s using sunlight to reflect off of clouds.
  • WATER VAPOR: Water vapor satellite pictures indicate how much moisture is present in the upper atmosphere.

Real Time Satellite Images

USGS (United State Geological Survey) Providing real-time or near real-time data and information on current conditions and earth observations. Download different types of Data- Landset, Elevation, Aerial, Radar, Hyperspectral Data.

Satellite Imagery
Real-time Data observatory

Live Satellite Images

LIVE satellite images is very useful for distinguishing clouds, land, and sea/ocean. Also track tropical storms, hurricanes, severe weather, and wildfires. View live Earth:

List of Satellites 1975-2022
Satellite NameLaunch DateApplication
INS-2TDFeb 14, 2022Experimental
EOS-04Feb 14, 2022Earth Observation
EOS-03Aug 12, 2021Earth Observation
CMS-01Dec 17, 2020Communication
EOS-01Nov 07, 2020Disaster Management System, Earth Observation
GSAT-30Jan 17, 2020Communication
RISAT-2BR1Dec 11, 2019Disaster Management System, Earth Observation
Cartosat-3Nov 27, 2019Earth Observation
Chandrayaan2Jul 22, 2019Planetary Observation
RISAT-2BMay 22, 2019Disaster Management System, Earth Observation
EMISATApr 01, 2019
GSAT-31Feb 06, 2019Communication
Microsat-RJan 24, 2019
GSAT-7ADec 19, 2018Communication
GSAT-11 MissionDec 05, 2018Communication
HysISNov 29, 2018Earth Observation
GSAT-29Nov 14, 2018Communication
IRNSS-1IApr 12, 2018Navigation
GSAT-6AMar 29, 2018Communication
INS-1CJan 12, 2018Experimental
MicrosatJan 12, 2018Experimental
Cartosat-2 Series SatelliteJan 12, 2018Earth Observation
IRNSS-1HAug 31, 2017Navigation
GSAT-17Jun 29, 2017Communication
Cartosat-2 Series SatelliteJun 23, 2017Earth Observation
GSAT-19Jun 05, 2017Communication
GSAT-9May 05, 2017Communication
INS-1BFeb 15, 2017Experimental
Cartosat -2 Series SatelliteFeb 15, 2017Earth Observation
INS-1AFeb 15, 2017Experimental
RESOURCESAT-2ADec 07, 2016Earth Observation
GSAT-18Oct 06, 2016Communication
SCATSAT-1Sep 26, 2016Climate & Environment
INSAT-3DRSep 08, 2016Climate & Environment, Disaster Management System
CARTOSAT-2 Series SatelliteJun 22, 2016Earth Observation
IRNSS-1GApr 28, 2016Navigation
IRNSS-1FMar 10, 2016Navigation
IRNSS-1EJan 20, 2016Navigation
GSAT-15Nov 11, 2015Communication, Navigation
AstrosatSep 28, 2015Space Science
GSAT-6Aug 27, 2015Communication
IRNSS-1DMar 28, 2015Navigation
Crew module Atmospheric Re-entry Experiment (CARE)Dec 18, 2014Experimental
GSAT-16Dec 07, 2014Communication
IRNSS-1COct 16, 2014Navigation
IRNSS-1BApr 04, 2014Navigation
GSAT-14Jan 05, 2014Communication
Mars Orbiter Mission SpacecraftNov 05, 2013Planetary Observation
GSAT-7Aug 30, 2013Communication
INSAT-3DJul 26, 2013Climate & Environment, Disaster Management System
IRNSS-1AJul 01, 2013Navigation
SARALFeb 25, 2013Climate & Environment, Earth Observation
GSAT-10Sep 29, 2012Communication, Navigation
RISAT-1Apr 26, 2012Earth Observation
Megha-TropiquesOct 12, 2011Climate & Environment, Earth Observation
GSAT-12Jul 15, 2011Communication
GSAT-8May 21, 2011Communication, Navigation
RESOURCESAT-2Apr 20, 2011Earth Observation
YOUTHSATApr 20, 2011Student Satellite
GSAT-5PDec 25, 2010Communication
CARTOSAT-2BJul 12, 2010Earth Observation
GSAT-4Apr 15, 2010Communication
Oceansat-2Sep 23, 2009Climate & Environment, Earth Observation
RISAT-2Apr 20, 2009Earth Observation
Chandrayaan-1Oct 22, 2008Planetary Observation
CARTOSAT – 2AApr 28, 2008Earth Observation
IMS-1Apr 28, 2008Earth Observation
INSAT-4CRSep 02, 2007Communication
INSAT-4BMar 12, 2007Communication
CARTOSAT-2Jan 10, 2007Earth Observation
SRE-1Jan 10, 2007Experimental
INSAT-4CJul 10, 2006Communication
INSAT-4ADec 22, 2005Communication
HAMSATMay 05, 2005Communication
CARTOSAT-1May 05, 2005Earth Observation
EDUSATSep 20, 2004Communication
IRS-P6 / RESOURCESAT-1Oct 17, 2003Earth Observation
INSAT-3ESep 28, 2003Communication
GSAT-2May 08, 2003Communication
INSAT-3AApr 10, 2003Climate & Environment, Communication
KALPANA-1Sep 12, 2002Climate & Environment, Communication
INSAT-3CJan 24, 2002Climate & Environment, Communication
The Technology Experiment Satellite (TES)Oct 22, 2001Earth Observation
GSAT-1Apr 18, 2001Communication
INSAT-3BMar 22, 2000Communication
Oceansat(IRS-P4)May 26, 1999Earth Observation
INSAT-2EApr 03, 1999Communication
IRS-1DSep 29, 1997Earth Observation
INSAT-2DJun 04, 1997Communication
IRS-P3Mar 21, 1996Earth Observation
IRS-1CDec 28, 1995Earth Observation
INSAT-2CDec 07, 1995Communication
IRS-P2Oct 15, 1994Earth Observation
SROSS-C2May 04, 1994Experimental
IRS-1ESep 20, 1993Earth Observation
INSAT-2BJul 23, 1993Communication
INSAT-2AJul 10, 1992Communication
SROSS-CMay 20, 1992Experimental
IRS-1BAug 29, 1991Earth Observation
INSAT-1DJun 12, 1990Communication
INSAT-1CJul 22, 1988Communication
SROSS-2Jul 13, 1988Earth Observation, Experimental
IRS-1AMar 17, 1988Earth Observation
SROSS-1Mar 24, 1987Experimental
INSAT-1BAug 30, 1983Communication
Rohini Satellite RS-D2Apr 17, 1983Earth Observation
INSAT-1AApr 10, 1982Communication
Bhaskara-IINov 20, 1981Earth Observation, Experimental
APPLEJun 19, 1981Communication, Experimental
Rohini Satellite RS-D1May 31, 1981Earth Observation
Rohini Satellite RS-1Jul 18, 1980
Rohini Technology Payload (RTP)Aug 10, 1979
Bhaskara-IJun 07, 1979Earth Observation, Experimental
AryabhataApr 19, 1975Experimental

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