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QuickBird Satellite

QuickBird Satellite was launched in 2001, by Digital Globe offering imagery for map publishing, land and asset management, change detection and insurance risk assessment.

The QuickBird produces sub-meter resolution Panchromatic and Multispectral imagery. The data collection nominal swath width is 16.5 km at nadir, and areas of interest sizes are 16.5 km x 16.5 km for a single area and 16.5 km x 115 km for a strip.

QuickBird Satellite Sensor

QuickBird was a high-resolution satellite sensor of commercial Earth observation satellite.

Satellite Specifications

Launch DateOctober 18, 2001
Launch VehicleBoeing Delta II
Launch LocationVandenberg Air Force Base, California, USA
Orbit Altitude450 Km / 482 Km – (Early 2013)
Orbit Inclination97.2°, sun-synchronous
Speed7.1 Km/sec (25,560 Km/hour)
Equator Crossing Time10:30 AM
Orbit Time93.5 minutes
Revisit Time1-3.5 days, depending on latitude (30° off-nadir)
Swath Width (Nadir)16.8 Km / 18 Km – (Early 2013)
Metric Accuracy23 meter horizontal (CE90)
Digitization11 bits

QuickBird Sensor Resolution

Panchromatic65 cm (nadir) to 73 cm (20° off-nadir)
Multispectral2.62 m (nadir) to 2.90 m (20° off-nadir)

QuickBird Bands

  • 4-Band Multispectral (BLUE, GREEN, RED, NIR1)
  • 4-Band Pan-sharpened (BLUE, GREEN, RED, NIR1)
  • 4-Band Bundle (PAN, BLUE, GREEN, RED, NIR1)
  • 3-Bands Natural Colour (pan-sharpened BLUE, GREEN, RED)
  • 3-Band Colored Infrared (pan-sharpened GREEN, RED, NIR1)
  • Natural Colour / Coloured Infrared (3-Band pan-sharpened)
BandsWevthlength (nm)
Near IR


QuickBird Satellite Imagery Data Download

Coverage Maps indicating the availability of QuickBird-2 products are available for Download in USGS

QuickBird Satellite Imagery
QuickBird Satellite Image


QuickBird-2 was an Earth-imaging satellite of Maxar of the United States which launched in October 2001 and ceased operations in 2015.

Sensor Specifications

Orbit Altitude450 km
Orbit TypeSun-synchronous
Orbit Period93.4 minutes
Equator Crossing Time10:30 am
Revisit Time2.8 days at 1-metre GSD resolution
1.5 days at 1.5-metre GSD resolution
These values are for targets at 20 degrees latitude.

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