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A Satellite is an object in space that orbits or circles around a bigger object. There are two types of satellites: i) Natural; such as the Moon and Earth, and ii) Artificial; such as the Landsat, SPOT, IRS, Quickbard, Aster, Ikonnos, and more. The First Satellite in Space Sputnik 1, launched Soviet Union launched in 1957.


Man-made (Artificial) Satellite are used mainly for Earth Observation, like; Land research, Natural resource management, Disester, Coastal management, and many more. Other uses for, Communications, such as TV signals and phone calls etc. A group of more than 20 satellites make up the Global Positioning System (GPS). GPS receiver, helps you to figure out your exact location.

Name of a Satellites

  • Landsat
  • SPOT
  • Sentinel
  • Terra
  • EnviSAT
  • ResourceSAT
  • CartoSAT
  • CloudSAT
  • IceSAT
  • SkySAT
  • SciSAT
  • Quickbird
  • NOAA
  • Worldview
  • GeoEye
  • RapidEye
  • Pleiades
  • Megha-Tropique
  • PlanetScope (Dove)
  • DMC
  • GNSS
  • SRTM
  • GOCE
  • ALOS
  • MMS
  • TerraSAR (TanDEM-X)
  • MOLA
  • SeaStar (Orbview-2)
  • QuickSCAT
  • SMOS
  • TRMM
  • GOES
  • Aqua
  • Aura
  • Suomi
  • POES
  • SMAP
  • Corona
  • Earth Observing-1 Mission (EO-1)

List of Satellites

Geostationary Orbit Satellite (Year 2000-2022)
Satellite NameLaunch DateEnd of LifeProgrammeAltitude
COMS26 Jun 201001 Apr 2021Communication, Oceanography and Meteorology Satellite35786 km
GEO-KOMPSAT-2A04 Dec 2018≥2029Communication, Oceanography and Meteorology Satellite35786 km
GEO-KOMPSAT-2B18 Feb 2020≥2031Communication, Oceanography and Meteorology Satellite35786 km
Electro-GOMS31 Oct 199415 Nov 2000Electro35786 km
Electro-L N120 Jan 20112016Electro35786 km
Electro-L N211 Dec 2015≥2025Electro35786 km
FY-2B25 Jun 2000Sep 2004Feng-Yun – 235786 km
FY-2C19 Oct 200423 Nov 2009Feng-Yun – 235786 km
FY-2D08 Dec 2006Jul 2015Feng-Yun – 235786 km
FY-2E23 Dec 200831 Dec 2018Feng-Yun – 235786 km
FY-2F13 Jan 2012≥2022Feng-Yun – 235786 km
FY-2G31 Dec 2014≥2022Feng-Yun – 235786 km
FY-2H05 Jun 2018≥2022Feng-Yun – 235786 km
FY-4A10 Dec 2016≥2023Feng-Yun – 435786 km
FY-4B02 Jun 2021≥2028Feng-Yun – 435786 km
GOES-813 Apr 199405 May 2004Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite – 2nd generation35786 km
GOES-923 May 199522 May 2003Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite – 2nd generation35786 km
GOES-1025 Apr 199701 Dec 2006Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite – 2nd generation35786 km
GOES-1103 May 200005 Dec 2011Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite – 2nd generation35786 km
GOES-1223 Jul 200110 May 2010Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite – 2nd generation35786 km
GOES-1324 May 2006Oct 2019Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite – 2nd generation35786 km
GOES-1427 Jun 2009≥2022Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite – 2nd generation35786 km
GOES-1504 Mar 2010≥2022Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite – 2nd generation35786 km
GOES-1619 Nov 2016≥2027Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite – 3rd generation35786 km
Himawari-4 (GMS-4)06 Sep 198924 Feb 2000Himawari 1st generation (Geostationary Meteorological Satellite)35786 km
Himawari-5 (GMS-5)18 Mar 199522 May 2003Himawari 1st generation (Geostationary Meteorological Satellite)35786 km
Himawari-6 (MTSAT-1R)26 Feb 200504 Dec 2015Himawari 2nd generation (Multifunction Transport Satellite)35786 km
Himawari-7 (MTSAT-2)18 Feb 200610 May 2016Himawari 2nd generation (Multifunction Transport Satellite)35786 km
Himawari-807 Oct 2014≥2030Himawari 3rd generation35786 km
INSAT-1D12 Jun 199014 May 2002Indian National Satellite – 135786 km
INSAT-2A10 Jul 199230 May 2002Indian National Satellite – 235786 km
INSAT-2B23 Jul 199301 Jul 2004Indian National Satellite – 235786 km
INSAT-2C07 Dec 199515 Apr 2002Indian National Satellite – 235786 km
INSAT-2E03 Apr 199915 Apr 2012Indian National Satellite – 235786 km
INSAT-3A10 Apr 2003Sep 2016Indian National Satellite – 335786 km
INSAT-3B22 Mar 200002 Nov 2010Indian National Satellite – 335786 km
INSAT-3C24 Jan 20022014Indian National Satellite – 335786 km
INSAT-3D25 Jul 2013≥2022Indian National Satellite – 335786 km
INSAT-3DR08 Sep 2016≥2026Indian National Satellite – 335786 km
Kalpana-112 Sep 2002Sep 2017Kalpana35786 km
MTG-I1Dec 2022≥2030Meteosat Third Generation (MTG) – “I” imaging, “S” sounding35786 km
Meteosat-620 Nov 199327 Apr 2007Meteosat First Generation35786 km
Meteosat-7 (IODC)05 Dec 200601 Feb 2017Meteosat First Generation35786 km
Meteosat-828 Aug 200204 Jul 2016Meteosat Second Generation (MSG)35786 km
Meteosat-921 Dec 200501 Apr 2022Meteosat Second Generation (MSG)35786 km
Meteosat-1005 Jul 2012≥2030Meteosat Second Generation (MSG)35786 km
Meteosat-1115 Jul 2015≥2033Meteosat Second Generation (MSG)35786 km
Electro-L N324 Dec 2019≥2029Electro35786 km
GEO-CAPEGeostationary Coastal and Air Pollution Events35786 km
PATHPrecipitation and All-weather Temperature and Humidity35786 km
Geo-synchronous Orbit Satellite (Year 2000-2022)
Satellite NameLaunch DateEnd of LifeProgrammeAltitude
SDO11 Feb 2010≥2022Solar Dynamics Observatory35756 km
Polar Orbit Satellite (Year 2000-2022)
Satellite NameLaunch DateEnd of LifeProgrammeAltitude
ACRIMSat20 Dec 199914 Dec 2013Active Cavity Radiometer Irradiance Monitor Satellite696 km
ADEOS-214 Dec 200225 Oct 2003Advanced Earth Observing Satellite812 km
Aeolus22 Aug 2018≥2023Aeolus320 km
ALOS24 Jan 200622 Apr 2011Advanced Land Observing Satellite692 km
ALOS-224 May 2014≥2022Advanced Land Observing Satellite640 km
ALOS-3≥2022≥2028Advanced Land Observing Satellite669 km
AlSat-128 Nov 200215 Aug 2010Algeria Satellite700 km
AlSat-212 Jul 20102019Algeria Satellite686 km
AlSat-2B26 Sep 2016≥2022Algeria Satellite680 km
Amazônia-128 Feb 2021≥2026Amazônia752 km
ASCENDSActive Sensing of CO2 Emissions over Nights, Days, and Seasons450 km
BILSat27 Sep 200315 Aug 2006BILTEN Satellte686 km
BIRD22 Oct 200101 Jul 2007Bi-spectral Infra-Red Detection572 km
Beijing-127 Oct 20052010Beijing699 km
CALIPSO28 Apr 2006≥2023Cloud-Aerosol Lidar and Infrared Pathfinder Satellite Observations689 km
CartoSat-1 (IRS-P5)05 May 200505 May 2019Satellite for Cartography618 km
CartoSat-210 Jan 200713 Aug 2019Satellite for Cartography635 km
CartoSat-2A28 Apr 2008≥2022Satellite for Cartography635 km
CartoSat-2B12 Jul 2010≥2022Satellite for Cartography640 km
CartoSat-327 Nov 2019≥2024Satellite for Cartography450 km
CBERS-114 Oct 199912 Oct 2003China-Brazil Earth Resources Satellite778 km
CBERS-221 Oct 200315 Nov 2007China-Brazil Earth Resources Satellite778 km
CBERS-2B19 Sep 200716 May 2010China-Brazil Earth Resources Satellite778 km
CBERS-309 Dec 201309 Dec 2013China-Brazil Earth Resources Satellite778 km
CBERS-407 Dec 2014≥2022China-Brazil Earth Resources Satellite778 km
CloudSat28 Apr 2006≥2023CloudSat689 km
Coriolis06 Jan 2003Dec 2020Coriolis838 km
CryoSat08 Oct 200508 Oct 2005CryoSat717 km
CSG-118 Dec 2019≥2026COSMO-SkyMed Second Generation619 km
CSG-231 Jan 2022≥2029COSMO-SkyMed Second Generation619 km
CSK-108 Jun 2007≥2022COSMO-SkyMed629.5 km
CSK-209 Dec 2007≥2022COSMO-SkyMed629.5 km
CSK-325 Oct 2008≥2022COSMO-SkyMed629.5 km
CSK-406 Nov 2010≥2022COSMO-SkyMed629.5 km
Deimos-129 Jul 20092019Deimos660 km
DESDynIDeformation, Ecosystem Structure, and Dynamics of Ice400 km
DMSP-F0818 Jun 198701 Oct 2006Defense Meteorological Satellite Program – Block 5D-2856 km
DMSP-F1128 Nov 199107 Aug 2000Defense Meteorological Satellite Program – Block 5D-2853 km
DMSP-F1229 Aug 199413 Oct 2008Defense Meteorological Satellite Program – Block 5D-2850 km
DMSP-F1324 Mar 199503 Feb 2015Defense Meteorological Satellite Program – Block 5D-2850 km
DMSP-F1404 Apr 19972017Defense Meteorological Satellite Program – Block 5D-2852 km
DMSP-F1512 Dec 1999Dec 2020Defense Meteorological Satellite Program – Block 5D-3850 km
DMSP-F1618 Oct 20032019Defense Meteorological Satellite Program – Block 5D-3848 km
DMSP-F1704 Nov 2006≥2022Defense Meteorological Satellite Program – Block 5D-3848 km
DMSP-F1818 Oct 2009≥2022Defense Meteorological Satellite Program – Block 5D-3850 km
DMSP-F1903 Apr 201411 Feb 2016Defense Meteorological Satellite Program – Block 5D-3850 km
DubaiSat-129 Jul 200909 May 2016DubaiSat686 km
EnMAP01 Apr 2022≥2027Environmental Mapping and Analysis Programme653 km
Envisat01 Mar 200208 Apr 2012Environmental Satellite774 km
Aqua04 May 2002≥2023Earth Observation System705 km

Name of Indian Satellite/ Spacecrafts

Satellite NameLaunch DateLaunch VehicleOrbit TypeApplication
INS-2TDFeb 14, 2022PSLV-C52/EOS-04 MissionExperimental
EOS-04Feb 14, 2022PSLV-C52/EOS-04 MissionEarth Observation
EOS-03Aug 12, 2021GSLV-F10 / EOS-03GTOEarth Observation
CMS-01Dec 17, 2020PSLV-C50/CMS-01GSOCommunication
EOS-01Nov 07, 2020PSLV-C49/EOS-01LEODisaster Management System, Earth Observation
GSAT-30Jan 17, 2020Ariane-5 VA-251GSOCommunication
RISAT-2BR1Dec 11, 2019PSLV-C48/RISAT-2BR1LEODisaster Management System, Earth Observation
Cartosat-3Nov 27, 2019PSLV-C47 / Cartosat-3 MissionSSPOEarth Observation
Chandrayaan2Jul 22, 2019GSLV-Mk III – M1 / Chandrayaan-2 MissionLunarPlanetary Observation
RISAT-2BMay 22, 2019PSLV-C46 MissionLEODisaster Management System, Earth Observation
GSAT-31Feb 06, 2019Ariane-5 VA-247GTOCommunication
Microsat-RJan 24, 2019PSLV-C44SSPO
GSAT-7ADec 19, 2018GSLV-F11 / GSAT-7A MissionCommunication
GSAT-11 MissionDec 05, 2018Ariane-5 VA-246GTOCommunication
HysISNov 29, 2018PSLV-C43 / HysIS MissionSSPOEarth Observation
GSAT-29Nov 14, 2018GSLV Mk III-D2 / GSAT-29 MissionGTOCommunication
IRNSS-1IApr 12, 2018PSLV-C41/IRNSS-1IGSONavigation
GSAT-6AMar 29, 2018GSLV-F08/GSAT-6A MissionGSOCommunication
MicrosatJan 12, 2018PSLV-C40/Cartosat-2 Series Satellite MissionSSPOExperimental
Cartosat-2 Series SatelliteJan 12, 2018PSLV-C40/Cartosat-2 Series Satellite MissionSSPOEarth Observation
INS-1CJan 12, 2018PSLV-C40/Cartosat-2 Series Satellite MissionSSPOExperimental
IRNSS-1HAug 31, 2017PSLV-C39/IRNSS-1H MissionNavigation
GSAT-17Jun 29, 2017Ariane-5 VA-238GTOCommunication
Cartosat-2 Series SatelliteJun 23, 2017PSLV-C38 / Cartosat-2 Series SatelliteSSPOEarth Observation
GSAT-19Jun 05, 2017GSLV Mk III-D1/GSAT-19 MissionGSOCommunication
GSAT-9May 05, 2017GSLV-F09 / GSAT-9GSOCommunication
INS-1BFeb 15, 2017PSLV-C37 / Cartosat -2 Series SatelliteSSPOExperimental
Cartosat -2 Series SatelliteFeb 15, 2017PSLV-C37 / Cartosat -2 Series SatelliteSSPOEarth Observation
INS-1AFeb 15, 2017PSLV-C37 / Cartosat -2 Series SatelliteSSPOExperimental
RESOURCESAT-2ADec 07, 2016PSLV-C36 / RESOURCESAT-2ASSPOEarth Observation
GSAT-18Oct 06, 2016Ariane-5 VA-231GSOCommunication
SCATSAT-1Sep 26, 2016PSLV-C35 / SCATSAT-1SSPOClimate & Environment
INSAT-3DRSep 08, 2016GSLV-F05 / INSAT-3DRGSOClimate & Environment, Disaster Management System
CARTOSAT-2 Series SatelliteJun 22, 2016PSLV-C34 / CARTOSAT-2 Series SatelliteSSPOEarth Observation
IRNSS-1GApr 28, 2016PSLV-C33/IRNSS-1GGEONavigation
IRNSS-1FMar 10, 2016PSLV-C32/IRNSS-1FGEONavigation
IRNSS-1EJan 20, 2016PSLV-C31/IRNSS-1EGSONavigation
GSAT-15Nov 11, 2015Ariane-5 VA-227GEOCommunication, Navigation
AstrosatSep 28, 2015PSLV-C30/AstroSat MISSIONSpace Science
GSAT-6Aug 27, 2015GSLV-D6GTOCommunication
IRNSS-1DMar 28, 2015PSLV-C27/IRNSS-1DGSONavigation
CAREDec 18, 2014LVM-3/CARE MissionExperimental
GSAT-16Dec 07, 2014Ariane-5 VA-221GSOCommunication
IRNSS-1COct 16, 2014PSLV-C26/IRNSS-1CGEONavigation
IRNSS-1BApr 04, 2014PSLV-C24/IRNSS-1BGSONavigation
GSAT-14Jan 05, 2014GSLV-D5/GSAT-14GSOCommunication
Mars Orbiter Mission SpacecraftNov 05, 2013PSLV-C25MartianPlanetary Observation
GSAT-7Aug 30, 2013Ariane-5 VA-215GSOCommunication
INSAT-3DJul 26, 2013Ariane-5 VA-214GSOClimate & Environment, Disaster Management System
IRNSS-1AJul 01, 2013PSLV-C22/IRNSS-1AGSONavigation
SARALFeb 25, 2013PSLV-C20/SARALSSPOClimate & Environment, Earth Observation
GSAT-10Sep 29, 2012Ariane-5 VA-209GEOCommunication, Navigation
RISAT-1Apr 26, 2012PSLV-C19/RISAT-1SSPOEarth Observation
Megha-TropiquesOct 12, 2011PSLV-C18/Megha-TropiquesSSPOClimate & Environment, Earth Observation
GSAT-12Jul 15, 2011PSLV-C17/GSAT-12GSOCommunication
GSAT-8May 21, 2011Ariane-5 VA-202GEOCommunication, Navigation
RESOURCESAT-2Apr 20, 2011PSLV-C16/RESOURCESAT-2SSPOEarth Observation
YOUTHSATApr 20, 2011PSLV-C16/RESOURCESAT-2SSPOStudent Satellite
GSAT-5PDec 25, 2010GSLV-F06 / GSAT-5PGSOCommunication
CARTOSAT-2BJul 12, 2010PSLV-C15/CARTOSAT-2BSSPOEarth Observation
GSAT-4Apr 15, 2010GSLV-D3 / GSAT-4GSOCommunication
Oceansat-2Sep 23, 2009PSLV-C14 / OCEANSAT-2SSPOClimate & Environment, Earth Observation
RISAT-2Apr 20, 2009PSLV-C12 / RISAT-2SSPOEarth Observation
Chandrayaan-1Oct 22, 2008PSLV-C11LunarPlanetary Observation
IMS-1Apr 28, 2008PSLV-C9 / CARTOSAT – 2ASSPOEarth Observation
CARTOSAT – 2AApr 28, 2008PSLV-C9 / CARTOSAT – 2ASSPOEarth Observation
INSAT-4CRSep 02, 2007GSLV-F04 / INSAT-4CRGSOCommunication
INSAT-4BMar 12, 2007Ariane5GSOCommunication
CARTOSAT-2Jan 10, 2007PSLV-C7 / CARTOSAT-2 / SRE-1SSPOEarth Observation
SRE-1Jan 10, 2007PSLV-C7 / CARTOSAT-2 / SRE-1SSPOExperimental
INSAT-4CJul 10, 2006GSLV-F02 / INSAT-4CGSOCommunication
INSAT-4ADec 22, 2005Ariane5-V169GSOCommunication
CARTOSAT-1May 05, 2005PSLV-C6/CARTOSAT-1/HAMSATSSPOEarth Observation
EDUSATSep 20, 2004GSLV-F01 / EDUSAT(GSAT-3)GSOCommunication
IRS-P6 / RESOURCESAT-1Oct 17, 2003PSLV-C5 /RESOURCESAT-1SSPOEarth Observation
INSAT-3ESep 28, 2003Ariane5-V162GSOCommunication
GSAT-2May 08, 2003GSLV-D2 / GSAT-2GSOCommunication
INSAT-3AApr 10, 2003Ariane5-V160GSOClimate & Environment, Communication
KALPANA-1Sep 12, 2002PSLV-C4 /KALPANA-1GSOClimate & Environment, Communication
INSAT-3CJan 24, 2002Ariane5-V147GSOClimate & Environment, Communication
The Technology Experiment Satellite (TES)Oct 22, 2001PSLV-C3 / TESSSPOEarth Observation
GSAT-1Apr 18, 2001GSLV-D1 / GSAT-1GSOCommunication
INSAT-3BMar 22, 2000Ariane-5GGSOCommunication
Oceansat(IRS-P4)May 26, 1999PSLV-C2/IRS-P4SSPOEarth Observation
INSAT-2EApr 03, 1999Ariane-42P H10-3GSOCommunication
IRS-1DSep 29, 1997PSLV-C1 / IRS-1DSSPOEarth Observation
INSAT-2DJun 04, 1997Ariane-44L H10-3GSOCommunication
IRS-P3Mar 21, 1996PSLV-D3 / IRS-P3SSPOEarth Observation
IRS-1CDec 28, 1995MolniyaSSPOEarth Observation
INSAT-2CDec 07, 1995Ariane-44L H10-3GSOCommunication
IRS-P2Oct 15, 1994PSLV-D2SSPOEarth Observation
SROSS-C2May 04, 1994ASLV-D4Experimental
IRS-1ESep 20, 1993PSLV-D1LEOEarth Observation
INSAT-2BJul 23, 1993Ariane-44L H10+GSOCommunication
INSAT-2AJul 10, 1992Ariane-44L H10GSOCommunication
SROSS-CMay 20, 1992ASLV-D3Experimental
IRS-1BAug 29, 1991VostokSSPOEarth Observation
INSAT-1DJun 12, 1990Delta 4925GSOCommunication
INSAT-1CJul 22, 1988Ariane-3GSOCommunication
SROSS-2Jul 13, 1988ASLV-D2Earth Observation, Experimental
IRS-1AMar 17, 1988VostokSSPOEarth Observation
SROSS-1Mar 24, 1987ASLV-D1Experimental
INSAT-1BAug 30, 1983Shuttle [PAM-D]GSOCommunication
Rohini Satellite RS-D2Apr 17, 1983SLV-3LEOEarth Observation
INSAT-1AApr 10, 1982DeltaGSOCommunication
Bhaskara-IINov 20, 1981C-1 IntercosmosLEOEarth Observation, Experimental
APPLEJun 19, 1981Ariane -1(V-3)GSOCommunication, Experimental
Rohini Satellite RS-D1May 31, 1981SLV-3D1LEOEarth Observation
Rohini Satellite RS-1Jul 18, 1980SLV-3E2
Rohini Technology Payload (RTP)Aug 10, 1979SLV-3E1
Bhaskara-IJun 07, 1979C-1IntercosmosLEOEarth Observation, Experimental
AryabhataApr 19, 1975C-1 IntercosmosExperimental

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