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ArcGIS Data View

In the ArcGIS, ArcMap provides 2 ways to view a map: Data view and Layout view.

Use the buttons at the bottom left of the ArcMap window to switch between Data view Data View and Layout view Layout View.

  1. Data view
  2. Layout view
  3. Refresh (shortcut key- F5)
  4. Pause Drawing (shortcut key- F9)

The alternative way is, to click the View menu and hover over Data View. The selected data frame is the active data frame. Click a data frame.

Use Data View

Data view is an all-purpose view for exploring, displaying, and querying the data on your map. This view hides all the map elements on the layout, such as titles, north arrows, and scale bars, and lets you focus on the data in a single data frame, for instance, editing or analysis.

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