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ArcGIS GeoAnalytics Server Tutorial

What is GeoAnalytics Server?

GeoAnalytics parallelizes computing to quickly analyze large amounts of vector and tabular data across multiple servers.

A collection of analysis tools to identify patterns, relationships, anomalies, and incidents in large amount of data across space and time.

Why use GeoAnalytics?

ArcGIS GeoAnalytics server is a distributed solution that’s mean to accommodate that. So instead of just using one machine you are able to use one machine with many cores or may be three machines with many cores as well to distribute that analysis and speed up and accelerate it.

  • GeoAnalytics Server performs scalable and distributed batch analysis on feature and tabular data.
  • GeoAnalytics Tools are built for big data problems, with a focus on summarizing and analyzing large spatial and spatio-temporal datasets.
  • Use spatial statistical analyses and machine learning tools suitable for large datasets.

Analysis Capabilities :

  • Summarize Data
    • Aggregate points
    • Build multi-variable grid
    • Describe dataset
    • Join features
  • Analyze Patterns
    • Calculate density
    • Create space time cube
    • Find hot spots

GeoAnalytics Server Tutorial

The GeoAnalytics Server tools are available through;

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