AWIFS Sensor

IRS (Indian Remote Sensing) AWIFS full form is; Advanced Wide Field Sensor.


The Advanced Wide Field Sensor provides Multispectral data in 4 Bands. The Spatial Resolution (56 m vs 188 m), Spectral Bands (10 bits vs 7 bits) and Radiometric Resolution (4 vs 2). The ground swath of 740 kms (combined) and 370 kms (each head).

Band Information

Green0.52 to 0.59
Red0.62 to 0.68
NIR0.77 to 0.86
SWIR1.55 to 1.70

Resourcesat AWIFS Sensor Specifications

Spectral Bands (Microns)B2 0.52 – 0.59
B3 0.62 – 0.68
B4 0.77 – 0.86
B5 1.55 – 1.70
Average SaturationB2 53 radiance
B3 47 (mw/cm2/sr/micron)
B4 31.5
B5 4.64
Swath (Km)740 (combined)
370 (each head)
Integration Time9.96 m. sec
Quantization10 bits
No. of gains16

[IGFOV–Instantaneous Geometric Field of View]

AWIFS Data Download

Download Advanced Wide Field Sensor Satellite Data from Bhuvan (NRSC)

.Follow the tutorial, How to Download Data step by step.

AWIFS Bands Data
Bands Data
AWIFS Satellite Image
Satellite Image

Difference of AWIFS and LISS-3 Sensor

Number of Bands44
Spectral Band 2 (µ)0.52–0.59 (green)0.52–0.59 (green)
Spectral Band 3 (µ)0.62–0.68 (red)0.62–0.68 (red)
Spectral Band 4 (µ)0.77–0.86 (NIR)0.77–0.86 (NIR)
Spectral Band 5 (µ)1.55–1.70 (SWIR)1.55–1.70 (SWIR)
Resolution (m)5624
Swath (km)740140
Revisit Period (days)524

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