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QGIS to QGIS 3.0 is a revolutionary change in OSGeo4W.

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Download the QGIS current version is 3.34.0 ‘Prizren’ released on 27.10.2023.

What’s new in QGIS 3.0 Version

This release has the following new features:


  • Remove dxf2shp converter plugin
  • Remove zonal stats plugin
  • Remove orphaned oracle raster plugin
  • Possibility to configure location of the QGIS help files
  • Remove Tau-DEM provider from core Processing
  • Removed otb and lidar tools providers from processing
  • Migrate Photo, Web View and File Name widgets to Attachment


  • Support aggregation of geometry in expressions
  • New expression variables
  • New global expression variable qgis_locale
  • Item variables’ expression function inside compositions
  • New expression variables for map settings
  • New expression functions
  • Expose parent variable in aggregate functions

User Interface

  • Improved consistency to the user interface
  • Enable tabbed floating docks
  • Add support for fine-resolution mouse wheel zooming
  • Add search bar to the Configure Shortcuts dialog
  • Toggle visibility of opened panels in main window
  • Launch Locator bar
  • More non-blocking, inline editing
  • Add an option to show user color schemes menus
  • Color setting for map canvas north arrow decoration
  • Improved map canvas, ‘save as image’


  • Symbology: New Map Coloring Algorithms in QGIS 3.0
  • New ‘preset’ colors color ramp option
  • Allow symbol layers to be temporarily disabled
  • Data defined symbol layer visibility
  • Save and restore color ramp used for single-band pseudo-color rendering
  • Save and restore color ramp used for single-band pseudo-color rendering
  • Add Points and Inches to symbol units
  • New color ramp button widget
  • Style management re-work and upgrade
  • Show an alpha slider in color button drop-down menu
  • Support setting of color and transparency on multiple items for raster renderers
  • Raster auto-stretching when updating canvas
  • Raster stretch toolbar actions support for pseudo-color renderer
  • Transparency support for palettes renderer
  • Control over contents’ contents margins
  • Annotations can be styled using fill symbol styles
  • Point cluster renderer


  • Add functionality to copy/move feature to move feature map tool
  • Range vertex selection in node tool
  • Add default Z value option
  • Move feature now benefits from Advanced Digitizing
  • Tracing with offset

Data Management

  • New layout of Metadata
  • Auxiliary Storage Support
  • Pan to current feature in the attribute table
  • Map of CRS-extent in Project properties
  • Unified data source manager dialog

Forms and Widgets

  • Allow controlling labels for individual edit widgets
  • Smarter default edit widgets with plugins to pick them
  • Allow configuring link/unlink feature buttons on relation editor widget
  • Conditional visibility for tabs and group boxes
  • Field constraints can be enforced or not
  • Add layer scoped actions
  • Add between/not between to numerical fields in select by form
  • Show field values in autocomplete in form filter mode
  • Add zoom to features and flash features shortcuts in select by form dialog
  • Add between/not between to numerical fields in select by form

Map Composer

  • Control over drawing of composer table grid horizontal & vertical lines
  • New Map Composer
  • Drag qpt to QGIS to create new composer from the template
  • Allow customization of line spacing for composer legend item labels
  • Allow choice of CRS for map items
  • Data definable controls
  • Holding shift while drawing polyline/polygon constrains line angles


  • New algorithm for offsetting lines
  • New algorithm for single-sided buffers
  • Optimized points along geometry algorithm
  • Add choice of simplification method to simplify
  • Support for output geometry types in models
  • Angle threshold for smooth algorithm
  • Better support for Z/M dimensions and curved geometries
  • Raster analysis algorithms added to Processing
  • New algorithm to extract specific nodes
  • Expose zonal statistics from Zonal statistics plugin in toolbox
  • Spatial execute the SQL algorithm
  • New algorithm to extend lines
  • New extract by expression algorithm
  • Add import into spatial algorithm
  • Interpolation algorithms
  • New algorithm to compute geometry by expression
  • Processing: Snap geometries to layer algorithm
  • New input type for expressions
  • Split with Lines
  • Pole of inaccessibility algorithm
  • Extract by attribute can extract for null/not-null values
  • Create attribute index algorithm
  • New ‘drop geometries’ algorithm
  • New universal ‘basic stats for field’ algorithm
  • Port heatmap plugin to processing algorithm
  • New algorithm to orthogonality geometries
  • Network analysis algorithms
  • Export processing models as PDF/SVG
  • New algorithm to truncate tables
  • Added ‘invalid feature handling’ option
  • Algorithm to fix invalid geometries using native make Valid implementation
  • Add search to Get Scripts and Models dialog
  • Generic centroid algorithm
  • Improved Extract nodes algorithm
  • New algorithm for translating (moving) points
  • Improved processing modeler window
  • New raster unique values report algorithm
  • Remove Tau-DEM provider from core Processing
  • Download a file from Processing

Data Providers

  • Geo-package
  • Support all GDAL writable raster formats for ‘Save as’ dialog on raster layers
  • Add auto-discovery of relations for PostgreSQL
  • Detect literal default values for spatial provide
  • New unified ‘add layer’ dialog
  • Create attribute index support for spatial provide
  • Add support for arrays
  • Support for H Store in Post-GIS data provider
  • Data dependencies between layers
  • H-store support to the PostgreSQL provider
  • dxf export: support re-projection
  • Load/save style in database for GPKG and spatial-lite
  • DUnique and not-null constraint handling
  • Support for Z/M geometries in memory provider
  • Support for Z/M geometries in spatial-lite provider
  • Geo-node integration
  • Improved handling of defaults


  • Remove trusted status from Plugin Manager
  • Offline editing: Add flag to only copy selected features
  • GDAL Tools moved to Processing
  • Allow installing plugins from local ZIP packages


  • Geometry class updates
  • Task manager
  • API to allow drag’n’drop of custom browser items

Other Features

  • Labeling:
    • Allow label font size in mm/pixels
    • Custom labeling toolbar is now always enabled
  • Diagrams:
    • Data definable properties
  • Rendering:
    • Grid renderer for points displacement
    • Live layer support
    • Cache labeling result to avoid unnecessary redraws when refreshing canvas
  • Layer Legend:
    • Hide Deselected Layers action
    • Change of ergonomic of the visibility of layers inside groups
  • Analysis Tools:
    • Raster unique values count for processing
  • Application and Project Options:
    • New zipped project file format .qgz
    • Add support for user profiles
  • Browser:
    • Drag and drop layers from layer tree view to browser dock
  • QGIS Server:
    • QGIS Server overhaul
    • Possibility to segmentation feature info geometry in server

QGIS 3 all version Change-logs

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