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ArcGIS Pro Raster Calculator

In ArcGIS Pro, Raster Calculator tool allows to create and execute Map Algebra expressions in a tool. This tool can be used in ModelBuilder, allowing you to integrate the power of Map Algebra into your workflows.


The Raster Calculator tool is designed to offer the following benefits:

  • Use multiple Spatial Analyst tools in a single expression.
  • Apply Spatial Analyst operators on three or more inputs in a single expression.
  • Support the use of variables in Map Algebra when in ModelBuilder.
  • Implement single-line algebraic expressions.

Use Raster Calculator tool

There are three main areas that are used to create a Map Algebra expression:

  • Rasters
  • Tools
  • Expression


    The raster list contains the layers in the contents and datasets added with the Add raster button.


    When you click a Tool in the list, the tool name and open and close parentheses () are placed in the expression where the pointer is currently positioned. The remaining input required by the tool must then be entered.


    The expression is the Map Algebra expression to be run. The expression must be entered with valid syntax.

    Raster Calculator – Spatial Analyst

    The operators in the Raster Calculator tool dialog box are:

    +(Addition)>(Greater Than)&(Boolean And)
    -(Subtraction)(Negate)<(Less Than)|(Boolean Or)
    *(Multiplication)<=(Less Than or Equal to)^(Boolean XOr)
    /(Division)>=(Greater Than or Equal to)~(Boolean Not)
    ==(Equal To)!=(Not Equal)
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