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Model Builder ArcGIS

What is Model Builder?

ArcGIS Model Builder is an application you used to create, edit, and manage models. It is a visual programming language for building workflows.

Benefits of ModelBuilder

  • You can create your own tools with ModelBuilder.
  • Tools you create with ModelBuilder can be used in Python scripting and other models.
  • It is an easy-to-use application for creating and running workflows containing a sequence of tools.

ArcGIS Model Builder Tutorial

Open ModelBuilder

Open ModelBuilder by clicking Geoprocessing > ModelBuilder.

You can add data and tools to the ModelBuilder canvas by dragging them from the Catalog or Search window or by using the Add button

Add Data or Tools

There are a variety of ways you can connect data to tools; a common method is to use the Add Connection tool

Add Connection

Once you have connected data to tools, you can execute the model from within ModelBuilder by clicking the Run button Run

ModelBuilder interface

The ModelBuilder has a simple interface with drop-down menus, tools on a toolbar, and shortcut menu options as illustrated below.

ModelBuilder Manu

There are six main menus in the ModelBuilder:

ModelUse for running, validating, viewing messages, saving, printing, importing, exporting, and closing the model. You can also use this menu to delete intermediate data and set properties for the model.
EditCut, copy, paste, delete, and select model elements.
InsertAdd data or a tool, create a variable, create a label, and add Model Only tools and iterators.
ViewOptions for zooming in or out, full extent and Custom Zoom
WindowOverview window you can use to display the entire model while you zoom in on a certain part of the model in the display window. Your current location in the model window is marked by a rectangle in the Overview window.
HelpAccess the ArcGIS for Desktop Help Online system and the About ModelBuilder box.
ModelBuilder Toolbar
Sl No.Toolbar
9Add Data or Tool
10Auto Layout
11Full Extent
12Fixed Zoom In
13Fixed Zoom Out
14Zoom In
18Validate Entire Model

ModelBuilder has three sets of properties:

  1. Model properties—These properties allow you to change model name, label, description, relative path, parameter properties, model environments, help, and iteration.
  2. Diagram properties—These properties allow you to change the arrangements of elements on the diagram and overall diagram color and style.
  3. Display properties—These properties allow you to change the look of individual elements and other graphic properties.

There are two types of creating tool in ModelBuilder.

ModelBuilder Tutorials

In this Lesson discuss two tutorials for ModelBuilder:

Tutorial Contents
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