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Garmin eTrex GPS

Garmin eTrex retains the core functionality, rugged construction, affordability and long battery life for the most dependable GPS device available. The Garmin improved the user interface and added a worldwide Basemap, paperless geocaching and support for spine-mounting accessories.

Garmin eTrex GPS

How to Use a Garmin eTrex

Device Overview

➊ Zoom keys
➋ Back key
➌ Thumb Stick
➍ Menu key
➎ Backlight key

➏ Mini-USB port (under weather cap)
➐ Battery cover
➑ Battery cover locking ring
➒ Mounting spine

Using the eTrex Keys

  • Move the Thumb Stick up, down, left, and right to highlight menu selections or to move around the map.
  • Press the center of the Thumb Stick to select the highlighted item.
  • Now Press back to move back one step in the menu structure.
  • Press menu to display a list of commonly-used functions for the current page. Press menu twice to access the main menu from any page.
  • Press ▲ and ▼ to zoom in and out on the map.

Installing Batteries

The device operates on two AA batteries. You can use alkaline, NiMH, or lithium batteries. Use NiMH or lithium batteries for best results.

  1. Turn the D-ring counter-clockwise, and pull up to remove the cover.
  2. Replace the battery cover, and turn the D-ring clockwise.
  3. Hold
  4. Select Setup > System > Battery Type.
  5. Select Alkaline, Lithium, or Rechargeable NiMH

Turn on the device

Click Hold to Turn on your device.

Acquire Satellites

After the device is turned on, it begins acquiring satellite signals. If the sky are clear, is good for acquire satellite signals.

When the GPS bars on the backlight page are solid green, now your device has acquired satellite signals. The time and date are set automatically based on the GPS position.

Register the device

The Registering your device, visit to Garmin official website.

Waypoints, Routes, and Tracks

Make a Waypoint

1. Select Mark Waypoint.
2. Select an option:
• To save the waypoint without changes, select Done.
• To make changes to the waypoint, select an item to edit, and select Done.

3. To Finding a Waypoint, select Where To? > Waypoints, then select a waypoint,

4. To Editing a Waypoint, select Waypoint Manager > waypoint, select an item to edit, Enter the new information, click Done.

5. For Deleting a Waypoint, select Waypoint Manager > waypoint, select menu > Delete > Yes.

Create a Route

1. Select Route Planner > Create Route > Select First Point.
2. Then select a category.
3. Select the first point in the route.
4. Select Use > Next Point.
5. Repeat steps 2–4 until the route is complete.
6. Select back to save the route.

Record a Track

1. Recording Track Logs,Select Setup > Tracks > Track Log.
2. Select Record, Do Not Show or Record, Show On Map. If you select Record, Show On Map, a line on the map indicates your track.
3. Select Record Method.
• To record tracks at a variable rate that creates an optimum representation of your tracks,
select Auto.
• To record tracks at a specified distance, select Distance, and record tracks at a specified
time, select Time

4. Select Record Interval.
• Select an option to record tracks more or less often.
Using the Most Often interval provides the most track detail, but fills up the device memory quicker.
• Enter a time or distance, and select Done.

Navigate to a destination

You can navigate a route, a track, to a waypoint,

1. Select Where To?.
2. Then select a category.
3. Now Select a destination, select Go.

The map page opens with your route marked with a magenta line.
4. Navigate using the Map or Compass.

Navigation Map

Browsing the Map;

  1. Select Map.
  2. Select one or more options:
    • Use the Thumb Stick to pan the map to view different areas. Select ▲ and ▼ to zoom in and out of the map.
    • Select a location on the map, and the bar at the top of the screen shows information about the selected location.

Calibrate the compass;;

1. Select Compass > menu > Calibrate Compass > Start.

2. Turn until points toward the top of the compass, and continue moving in that direction to the destination.

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