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Water Index Remote Sensing

Water Remote Sensing studies the color, temperature, and quality of water through the observation of the spectrum of water leaving radiance.

Satellite Remote Sensing or Earth Observation can be crucial in understanding the spatio-temporal dynamics of water quantity and quality, which can be used to simulate water resources management

Data collected remotely from sensors aboard satellites and aircraft or deployed in and under water are an important tool for addressing the need to better understand factors impacting water quality.

Factors affecting water quality;

  • Pollution
  • Water temperature
  • Food web changes
  • Introduced species
  • The amount of nutrients in the water
  • Changes in water flow, such as after events like hurricanes, drought, or floods

Water Index – Erdas Imagine

In this tutorial perform Water Index; Sundarbans Landsat TM Satellite image, using Erdas Imagine Software.

At first open Indices window; on the main menu, select Raster > dropdown Unsupervised section > click Indices.

open Indices

1. Now indices window is appeared, select Input file (ex.- sundarbans), then go to destination folder and enter Output file name.

2. Choose your satellite data Sensor (ex.- Landsat 4 TM).

3. In the Index section, choose your query- WorldView Water Index.

perform Water Index Remote Sensing

4. Finally click OK button.

Water Index Formula
Water Index Formula
Remote Sensing Water Quality Index
Water Index

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