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Buffer in ArcGIS Pro

Buffers are typically used to create areas that can be further analyzed using a tool such as Overlay Layers.

Create Buffer for Polygon

1. Open the Buffer (Analysis) tool from ArcGIS Pro.

2. Set the standard parameters such as Input Features, Distance values and Output Feature Class name.

3. The Side Type parameter must be set to Exclude the input polygon from buffer.

5. Finally click Run button.

Create Buffer around a Point feature

Create a circular buffer around the point feature.

1. In the Geoprocessing pane, navigate to Toolboxes > Analysis Tools > Proximity, and click the Buffer tool.

2. Now open the Geoprocessing dialog box, fill the parameters; Input Features, Output Feature Class, and Distance [value or field]

3. In Method section, choose Planar, and Dissolve TypeNo Dissolve.

4. Click Run button.

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