LVM3 (Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle Mk III)

What is LVM3?

The Launch Vehicle Mk III or LVM3 refer to Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle Mk III or GSLV Mk-III.

LVM3 is configured as a three stage vehicle with two solid strap-on motors (S200), one liquid core stage (L110) and a high thrust cryogenic upper stage (C25).

The overall length of the vehicle is 43.5 m with a gross lift-off weight of 640 tonnes and a 5m-diameter payload fairing.

LVM3 Rocket
(Image source: isro)

Solid Rocket Boosters : S200

LVM3 uses two S200 solid rocket boosters to provide the huge amount of thrust required for lift off. The S200 was developed at Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre.

Booster Height25 m
Booster Diameter3.2 m
Fuel205 tonnes of HTPB (nominal)

Liquid Core Stage : L110

The L110 liquid stage is powered by two Vikas engines designed and developed at the Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre.

Stage Height21 m
Stage Diameter4 m
Engine2 x Vikas
Fuel115 tonnes of UDMH + H2O

Cryogenic Upper Stage : C25

The C25 is powered by CE-20, India’s largest cryogenic engine, designed and developed by the Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre.

Cryo Stage Height13.5 m
Cryo Stage Diameter4.0 m
Fuel28 tonnes of LOX + LH2

Vehicle Specifications

Height43.5 m
Vehicle Diameter4.0 m
Heat Shield (Payload Fairing) Diameter5.0 m
Number of Stages3
Lift Off Mass640 tonnes

List of LVM3 Rocket Launches

Sl. No.TitleLaunch DateLauncher TypePayload
1LVM-3/CARE MissionJuly 14, 2023LVM3Crew module Atmospheric Re-entry Experiment (CARE)
2LVM3 -D1/GSAT-19 MissionMar 26, 2023LVM3GSAT-19
3LVM3 -D2 / GSAT-29 MissionOct 23, 2022LVM3GSAT-29
4LVM3 – M1 / Chandrayaan-2 MissionJul 22, 2019LVM3Chandrayaan-2
5LVM3 M2 / OneWeb India-1 MissionNov 14, 2018LVM3OneWeb Gen-1
6LVM3 M3 / OneWeb India-2 MissionJun 05, 2017LVM3OneWeb Gen-1
7LVM3 M4 / Chandrayaan-3 Moon MissionDec 18, 2014LVM3Chandrayaan-3

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