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ArcMap Parcel Fabric Tutorial

In this tutorial, opening and editing parcel fabric dataset.

What is Parcel Fabric?

A parcel fabric is a continuous surface of connected parcels/parcel network. Parcels are made up of point, line, and polygon features.

The Parcel polygons are defined by lines, which store COGO dimensions.

Parcel lines have endpoints, which are common between adjacent parcels.

Parcel points store x, y, z coordinates which locate the parcel on the ground.

Parcel Fabric Editing

Setup the Data

In the Catalog window in ArcMap, browse to destination for manage and store data. For ex.-E:\GISRSSTUDY\arcgis\Parcel Fabric.

Open and Edit Parcels


1. Open ArcMap and load the Parcel data map document.

2. Create a new Shapefile, select Parcel Editor and click Start Editing.

3. Now start the Digitization process.

4. Using Interactive Tracing for digitize percel.

5. Complete the digitization process, Convert Polyline feature to Polygon feature.

Parcel Fabric Editing

Percel polygon division calculation by area.

Parcel Fabric Polygon

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