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ArcGIS Pro Image Analyst

ArcGIS Image Analyst for ArcGIS Pro provides tools for advanced image interpretation, exploitation, and geospatial analysis on an array of imagery modalities.

Image Analyst Extension

The ArcGIS Pro Image Analyst extension provides functions, tools, and capabilities for image and geospatial analysis focus on:

  • Image interpretation and exploitation
  • Creation of information products from imagery
  • Advanced raster and image analysis workflows
  • Advanced interpretation and measurements from imagery
  • Detailed feature compilation and measurement on stereo imagery

Image Analyst Toolbox

The ArcGIS Pro Image Analyst extension provides tools with which to analyze imagery data, and advanced image interpretation.

Change DetectionThe Change Detection tool-set contains tools that perform change detection between raster datasets.
Classification and Pattern RecognitionThe classification and pattern recognition tools perform regression analysis and prepare segmented raster for use in creating classified raster datasets.
Deep LearningThe Deep Learning tool-set contains tools that detect specific features in an image and classify pixels in a raster dataset.
ExtractionThe Extraction tool-set allows you to extract a subset of pixels from a raster by the pixels’ attributes or their spatial location.
Map AlgebraMap Algebra is a way to perform spatial analysis by creating expressions in an algebraic language.
MathThe Math tool-set contains tools that perform mathematical operations on raster. The tools are grouped into four main categories:
Motion ImageryThe Motion Imagery tool-set contains tools for managing, processing, and analyzing motion imagery, including full motion video data.
Multidimensional AnalysisThe Multidimensional Analysis tool-set contains tools for performing analysis on scientific data across multiple variables and dimensions.
OverlayWith the Overlay analysis tool-set you can weight and overlay several raster to create a single summary raster result.
StatisticalThe statistical tools perform statistical operations on raster data.
Synthetic Aperture RadarThe Synthetic Aperture Radar tool-set contains tools that correct, process, and enable analysis of SAR data.
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