Pine Island is the largest island on the Gulf Coast of peninsular Florida in the United States

It is also the 118th largest island in the United States, Located in Lee County, on the Gulf of Mexico coast of southwest Florida

Pine Island has no large beach and is made from the same coral rock as the mainland.

Pine island is surrounded by mangroves and includes three aquatic preserves. Residents and visitors are attracted to Pine Island's natural rural character, fishing, and boating

Recent news Pine Island, due to the effects of last week’s hurricane, the Above Board Chamber of Florida is postponing its October luncheons until further notice

Ian cut off residents of Florida's Pine Island

Those who evacuated only have one way back to survey what's left of their homes and possessions: by private boat.

Adding to the nerves are the rumors of looting — despite there being very few confirmed cases, many of the folks on the boat are prepared for the worst.

Ian slammed into Pine Island with 150 mph winds, snapping telephone poles and trees, ripping roofs from homes, and tumbling mobile homes and RVs

About 9,000 people live on Pine Island and the surrounding areas year-round, but it swells dramatically as snowbirds from the North soak up the sun from the waterside bars and restaurants.

“Everybody has generators out here,” Minko Jr. said. “If they’re not going to be bringing in supplies, it’s almost like they’re trying to starve the people out.