Full moon calendar 2022: When to see the next full moon- Hunter's Moon

Full moon will illuminate the sky, terming the event as Strawberry Supermoon

The full moon(Hunter's Moon) will occur on Sunday, Oct. 9 at 4:55 a.m. EDT (2055 GMT)

The moon will appear full the night before and after its peak to the casual stargazer

The moon will be at its closest point in its orbit around the Earth, called perigee, which will make it appear like a "supermoon".

Supermoons appear brighter and larger to people on Earth, providing spectacular night time gazing if skies are clear

Only when the moon, Earth and the sun are perfectly aligned is the moon 100% full, and that alignment produces a lunar eclipse.

The Full Moon is when the Sun and the Moon are aligned on opposite sides of Earth, and 100% of the Moon's face is illuminated by the Sun

The Moon can appear to be full a day before or after when more than 98% of the Moon's disc is lit-up.

When the side of the Moon we can see from Earth is fully lit up at Full Moon, the other side is in darkness. The opposite happens at New Moon.

October 9-Hunter's Moon, 4:55 p.m.
November 8-Beaver Moon, 6:02 a.m.
December 7-Cold Moon, 11:08 p.m.(Dec. 8)

Full Moon Calendar