The city of Buffalo, where heavy snow is commonly met with a shrug and a shovel

In Saturday, navigating chest-high drifts left by a lake-effect storm that ran roughshod over the region

Officials said the storm appeared to drop a record amount of snow for Erie County in a 24-hour period

Upto six inches per hour at times, leaving more than 50, 60 and even 70 inches over the whited-out region

Wind roared through Buffalo’s city corridors, picking up snow and flinging it sideways wherever it chose

County officials said two people had died as a result of the storm

There were 280 people rescued in the area, and some 1,600 without power

Whiteout conditions returned Saturday night, with fierce winds blowing snow through streets deserted by closures for the weather.

This has been a very unpredictable storm with the snow bands moving, back and forth, north to south

The snowstorm, which came with a forecast for the Buffalo region not seen in more than 20 years