what is ArcGIS Online

ArcGIS Online is a Cloud-based software to create and share interactive web maps. It is ESRI web-based mapping software.

ArcGIS Online offers to upload files including Spreadsheets, KML, GeoJSON, and common Geospatial files.

ArcGIS Online

First need to Sign up or Create an Account in ArcGIS Online Portal. You are already Sign up, just Login in this portal.

ArcGIS Online Sign up/Log in

ArcGIS Online Price

Creator- INR 99,000/yr

Credits- INR 22,900

For Business

ArcGIS Online Price

For Individual

Personal Use -INR 8,490/yr

Student Use- INR 8,490/yr

ArcGIS Online Map Viewer

Use ArcGIS Online new Map Viewer to view, explore, and create web maps and navigate the map to view various areas.


1. Open ArcGIS Map Viewer
2. Map Viewer includes two vertical toolbars, i) Contents (left side) toolbar and ii) Settings (right side) toolbar

Map Views

1. In Map Viewer, open the map containing the layer or Add layer on the Layers tool.
2. Click to Add layer button, show the two types of data; i) ArcGIS Online ii) Livng Atlas.

3. Once you have select the data, click Add to map button.
4. Show your data in map section. Also appear the Properties window on the right side bar.

ArcMAP Online

Open ArcMAP, and go to the Standard Toolbar.
Select Add Data Button, and choose Add Data From ArcGIS Online.

Applications of ArcGIS Online

Use the tools to refine your data and prepare it for visualization and analysis.

ArcGIS Online users can use online image, analyze imagery and raster data,and Vector data.