Import Spreadsheets or xlsx File and Join Data in QGIS

Spreadsheet Layer plugin

You can use the Spreadsheet Layers plugin to convert Spreadsheet in Excel to GIS in QGIS. The advantages are that you don’t need to replicaie the same data over and over agnin, and it’s more accessible to non-GIS.people also.

1. Click on Plugin menu and select manage and Instal plugins.


2. Plugins window is appears, click all in the left panel. Type Spreadsheet in the search box, select spreadsheet layers and click Install plugin button.

spreadsheet plugin

3. As you can see a new Tool is added to Manage Layers Toolbar.

4. click Spreadsheet layer tool, Spreadsheet window is appears, Browse File (Excel file-mexico data),(Excel file has multiple sheet, select sheet. your Data is added, finally click OK button.

spreadsheet add data in qgis tutorial

Join Data

1. Now Right click on your Vector data(mexico), select Joins, click ‘+’ sign button.

2. Add vector join window is open, select join layer(i), then join field(ii), and target field(iii) (remember ‘join field’ and ‘target field’ are same). Check it in custom field name prefix check box and remove the neme, click OK button. Now see added the data, finally click Apply and OK

3. Now check it your join Data. Right click Vector file(mexico) and click open Attribute Table.

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