National Interagency Fire Center in ArcGIS

NIFC ArcGIS Online

The NIFC stand for National Interagency Fire Center, it has ArcGIS Online Organization was established in 2015 to create an interagency working environment for wildland fire digital mapping and data collection.

NIFC Features

  • Active and upcoming wildland fire incident response
  • Planned and on-going prescribed fires
  • Fuels treatment planning and data collection
  • Fire planning and data sharing for wildfire response

NIFC Open Data

Explore Data Categories

NIFC User Account

Accounts in the NIFC Org are available to personnel involved with active wildfire incidents,
fuels projects, or fire planning, and IMT involved all Hazard incidents.

All users must have a current and valid email id, that is accessible on fires to unlock accounts while on an incident and/or to receive messages regarding urgent NIFC Org issues.

Any user in a role that allows content creation and/or ownership must take the NIFC AGOL
Acceptable Use Policy course in the Wildland Fire Learning Portal.

Users Role

  • Edit data only for the incident or project you are assigned to
  • Follow guidance from the Situation Unit on assignment
  • Do not collect or edit data unless specifically asked to

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