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Project Overview

GIS technology and systems have increased in popularity and interest over the past years. A GIS is a powerful tool for creating, managing, analyzing, and using Geospatial data. It can provide the huge benefit and growth of the future.

In this project, will design and execute a complete GIS-based analysis. Also, Data analysis is in line with project objectives. Interpret and explain the results obtained in comparison

For this Project Using ArcGIS and Erdas Imagine Software for creating maps and data.

Keywords: Image Rectification, Image Enhancement, Image Transformation, R to V conversion(Shapefile), Image classification, Density Analysis.

Location of the Study Area

Kolkata at a Glance

Calcutta/Kolkata stands on the Eastern Bank of the River Ganga. The tail end of the river Ganga flows by the side of Kolkata before it reaches Bay of Bengal about 180 Km. down stream from Kolkata. The Vital Statistics of a capital city, called by the British Raj as The Jewel of the East, and remained its capital till 1911, Kolkata is now the capital of West Bengal, a state of India.

Location map

Location: Kolkata is situated at the longitude of 88º 30’E-22º 33′ N.

Altitude: 9m (30’). From sea level, it is 6.4 meters (20 ft). (Mount Everest 8848m.)

Climate: Maximum temperature rises during the summer months of May-June up to 24–42º C and the minimum temperature falls during the winter months of December–January up to 8–26ºC on an average. Climate is humid, varying from 85 to 65 during the summer & exceeding by pleasant in winter. From June to September, the average rainfall in Kolkata is 158 cm.

Old Kolkata:
Sutanuti—Chitpur, Baghbazar, Sobhabazar & Hatkhola.
                        Kolkata—Dharmatala, Bowbazar, Simla, Janbazar.
                        Gobindapur—Hastings, Maidan & Bhowanipur

New Kolkata: North—Sinthi, Cossipore & Gughudanga.
                         South—Tollygunge, Khidderpore & Behala.
                         East—SaltLake, Beliaghata & Topsia.
                         West—Hooghly river.
Greater Kolkata: Baruipur to Bansberia & Kalyani to Budge Budge.

Area in kilometers: 1480 sq. km. (London 1580 sq. km.) 205 sq. km. is within Corporation Area.
Population: A growing population of 45,80,544 according to 2001 Census. (Mumbai 14.8 million.)
Density of Population: 24.760/ sq. km.
Ratio of Population: Male—1000; Female—956;
Literacy Rate: 81.31%
Mother Tongues: Bengali 55%, Hindi 20%, English 10%, Others 15%
Position : 7th biggest city in India of area and population.

Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) :  The Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) is responsible for providing basic civic services such as Roads, Lighting, Water Supply, Education, Health,etc to the people of Kolkata.
KMC takes pride in managing this Herculean task in the city, having a 10 million (resident and floating combined) population. KMC is responsible for supplying 350 MGD to 5 million people, clearing 4000 MT of solid waste per day, managing 136 clinics and 119 health units and running 358 primary educational schools with more than 40,000 students. In the last few years, KMC has brought about a phenomenal change in Kolkata by up-gradation of basic infrastructure, revamping inefficient administrative processes and introducing some innovative strategies for improved delivery of citizen services.


  • Find out the vegetation cover of each ward.
  • Measurement of vegetative and non-vegetative area.
  • Find out  variation of vegetation of study area.
  • Find out the population density and vegetation density of the study area.
  • Analysis of the relationship between vegetation and build up.
  • Find out the road types, footpath facilities and other amenities.


The study report has been prepared using the information provide by GIS RS STUDY Organization through the spatial and attribute data .the project has done using the GIS Software (ArcGIS 10.3), and Remote Sensing Software (ERDAS 2014). Some other software use to- Ms-Access Database (2007). Ms-Ward (2007), Ms-Excel (2007) and paint software.

Structure of Methodology
Structure of Methodology


Introduction to the Study Area

The Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) total ward is 141, my project study area, ward no. 19 and 20 is in the North–West part of Kolkata, on the left bank of the hoogly river.

  • Geographical location- This study area’s latitude is 22°35’42” North and longitude 88°21’27” East.
  • Area- Total area of the study area is 0,52sq. km, differently ward no.19 is 0.23 and ward no.20 is 0.29
  • Population- According to the 2001 census population in ward no.19 is 24,467 and ward no.20 is 19,486
  • Roads and railway- These two wards are connected all over kokata wilh road and railway. Some main roads are of this area Sovabazar Street, B.K. Pal Avenue, Rabindra Sarani, Ahiritola Street, Stand Bank Road etc. Circular Railway (sovabazar ahiri railway station) and Metro Railway (sovabazar sutanuti metro station) has present both of wards.
  • River- Hoogly is an only river in Kolkata, which is a tributary of the Ganga river. Both of wards situated western side of Hoogly River.
Project Study Area


Download PDF the Analysis and Interpretation chapter.

Vegetation and Build up Density Analysis



Thus we come to the final end of the project report where we can conclude the both wards of our study area are very congested and vegetation is very low, because our study area is under town area.

Now we can perform vegetation cover is decreasing day by day and has become a matter of immense concern. We have shown how, with the help of GIS, the affected area can be easily detected. So can extract that bigger name of our city will spend money and detect the affected area will try to improve it by planting as much as possible. Save trees are not for the human beings then for they cannot even speak for themselves.

To add to the deplorable condition of vegetation cover, the area is very densely polluted with narrow roads, making it highly populated and accident prone. Thus, attention should be given to the roads in this area, which are neither wide enough not have a footpath facility.


Ward Table


Road Table

1Stand Road9.30BituminousNN20
2Maharsi Dedendra Road9.10BituminousNN20
3Maharsi Dedendra Road9.10BituminousNN20
4Kashi Dutta Street6.30BituminousNN20
5Mahammod Romjan Lane2.30Stone SetNN20
6Mahammod Romjan Lane2.30Stone SetNN20
7Duttapara Lane5.90BituminousNN20
8Kashi Dutta Street6.30BituminousNN20
9Butto Kristo_Paul Avenue16.00BituminousYY20
10Nimtola Ghat Street12.30BituminousYY20
11Nimtola Ghat Street12.30BituminousYY20
12Gopi Krishna Paul Lane3.30BituminousNN20
13Butto Kristo Pual Avenue16.00BituminousYY20
14Baburam Ghose Lane3.00BituminousNN20
15Nimo Gossain Lane2.90BituminousNN20
16Gour Laha Street5.00BituminousNN20
21Butto Kristo PaulAvenue16.00BituminousYY20
22Manick Bose’s Ghat Street4.00Stone SetNN20
23Kshirode Gopal Mitra Lane2.40Stone SetNN20
24Manick Bose’s Ghat Street4.00Stone SetNN20
25Maharsi Debendra Road9.10BituminousNN20
26Maharsi Debendra Road9.10BituminousNN20
27Maharsi Debendra Road9.10BituminousNN20
28Darmahatta 1st Lane2.60Stone SetNN20
29Maharsi Debendra Road9.10BituminousNN20
30Manick Bose’s Ghat Street4.00Stone SetNN20
31Strand Bank Road9.10BituminousNN20
32Rabindra Sarani9.80BituminousYN20
33Kashi Dutta Street6.30BituminousNN20
34Maharsi Debendra Road9.10BituminousNN20
35Sovabazar Street8.40BituminousNN19
36Rabindra Sarani9.80BituminousYN19
37Butto Kristo Paul Avenue16.0BituminousYY19
38Sovabazar Street8.40BituminousNN19
39Butto Kristo Paul Avenue16.0BituminousYY19
40Nather Bagan Bye Lane4.70BituminousNN19
41Ahiritola 1st Lane4.30BituminousNN19
42Ahiritola 1st Lane4.30BituminousNN19
43Ahiritola Street5.50BituminousNN19
44Ahiritola Street5.50BituminousNN19
45Nather Bagan Lane4.80Stone SetNN19
46Bhagaban Banerjee Lane3.30BituminousNN19
47Nather Bagan Lane4.80BituminousNN19
48Beniatola Street5.30BituminousNN19
49Sen Lane4.80BituminousNN19
50Beniatola Street5.30BituminousNN19
51Baroaritola Lane5.00BituminousNN19
52Beniatola Street5.30BituminousNN19
53Sonar Gouranga Temple Street4.90BituminousNN19
54Sashi Sur Lane2.20BituminousNN19
55Beniatola Street5.30BituminousNN19
56Ram Pal Lane3.00BituminousNN19
57Ahiritola 2nd Lane5.10BituminousNN19
58Ahiritola 2nd Lane5.10BituminousNN19
59Ram Pal Lane3.00BituminousNN19
60Haradhole Lane3.00BituminousNN19
61Sankar Halder Lane4.90BituminousNN19
62Strand Bank Road7.00BituminousNN19
63Sovabazar Street8.40BituminousNN19
64Butto Krishno Paul Avenue16.00BituminousYY19
65Gopi Krishna Paul Lane3.30BituminousNN20
66Gopi Krishna Paul Lane3.30BituminousNN20
67Ahiritola Bye Lane2.10Stone SetNN20
68Sovabazar Street8.40BituminousNN19
69Sovabazar Street8.40BituminousNN19
70Butto Krishno Paul Avenue16.00BituminousYY19
71Butto Krishno Paul Avenue16.00BituminousYY19
72Butto Krishno Paul Avenue16.00BituminousYY19
73Ahiritola Street5.50BituminousNN19
74Ahiritola Street5.50BituminousNN19
75Ahiritola Street5.50BituminousNN19
76Maharsi Debendra Road9.10BituminousNN19
77Maharsi Debendra Road9.10BituminousNN19
78Maharsi Debendra Road9.10BituminousNN19
79Ahiritola Street5.50BituminousNN19
80Beniatola Street5.30BituminousNN19
81Nather Bagan Street3.00BituminousNN19
82Ramdhan Khan Lane4.30BituminousNN19
83Nather Bagan Street3.00BituminousNN19
84Bhagaban Banerjee Lane3.30Stone SetNN19
85Beniatola Street5.30BituminousNN19
86Sankar Halder Bye Lane2.20BituminousNN19
87Sankar Halder Bye Lane2.20BituminousNN19
88Sankar Halder Lane4.90BituminousNN19
89Sonar Gouranga Temple Street4.90BituminousNN19
90Beniatola Street5.30BituminousNN19
91Beniatola Street5.30BituminousNN19
92Sovabazar Street8.40BituminousNN19
93Rabinra Sarani9.80BituminousYN20
94Rabinra Sarani9.80BituminousYN20
95Rabinra Sarani9.80BituminousYN20
96Nimtola Ghat Street12.30BituminousYY20
97Nimtola Ghat Street12.30BituminousYY20
98Gour Lah Street5.00BituminousNN20
99Nimtola Ghat Street12.30BituminousYY20
100Nimtola Ghat Street12.30BituminousYY20
101Strand Road11.30Stone SetYY20
102Strand Bank Road9.10BituminousNN20
103Madan Mohon Dutta Lane4.60BituminousNN20
104Duttapara Lane5.90BituminousNN20
105Manick Bose’s Ghat Street4.00Stone SetNN20
106Mothur Sen’s Garden Lane3.10BituminousNN20
107Butto Kristo Paul Avenue16.00BituminousYY20
108Nimo Gossain Lane2.90BituminousNN20
109Nimo Gossain Lane2.90BituminousNN20
110Brindaban Basack Street5.40BituminousNN20
111Nimtola Ghat4.00BituminousNN20
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