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Open Source GIS

What is open source

Open source is source code that is made freely available to the public. It also refers to people can modify and share, because that is design for publicly accessible.

The open-source model is a decentralized software development model.

What is open source software

Open source software is that type of software the License available for free. This is a Open Source, Source Code computer program.

GIS Open Source

In GIS open source is a term to use GIS Software application. If you are create mapping, data analysis, and perform multiple Geospatial task, this open source applications helps your project.

Esri contribute to open source software events, libraries, tools, and apps. Esri employees have developed over 500 open source projects on GitHub, most of them licensed under Apache 2.0; regularly contribute to third-party projects like GDAL.

Open Source GIS Softwares

List of Best Free and Open Source GIS Softwares:

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