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Extract Tool in Arcgis

The Extract tools let you select features and attributes in a feature class or table based on a query or spatial extraction. The output features and attributes are stored in a feature class or table.

There are four types of extraction tools available in ArcGIS;

ArcGIS Extract Tools


Extracts input features that overlay the clip features.

Use this tool to cut out a piece of one feature class using one or more of the features in another feature class as a cookie cutter. This is particularly useful for creating a new feature class—also referred to as study area or area of interest (AOI)—that contains a geographic subset of the features in another, larger feature class.


Extracts features from an input feature class or input feature layer, typically using a select or SQL (Structured Query Language) expression and stores them in an output feature class.


Splitting the Input Features creates a subset of multiple output feature classes.The Split Field’s unique values form the names of the output feature classes.

Table Select

Selects table records matching a SQL expression and writes them to an output table.

ArcGIS Extraction Tools

The Extraction tools allow you to extract a subset of cells from a raster by either the cells attributes or their spatial location. You can also obtain the cell values for specific locations as an attribute in a point feature class or as a table.

The following table lists the available Extraction tools;

Extract by AttributesExtracts the cells of a raster based on a logical query.
Extract by CircleExtracts the cells of a raster based on a circle.
Extract by MaskExtracts the cells of a raster that correspond to the areas defined by a mask.
Extract by PointsExtracts the cells of a raster based on a set of coordinate points.
Extract by PolygonExtracts the cells of a raster based on a polygon.
Extract by RectangleExtracts the cells of a raster based on a rectangle.
Extract Multi Values to PointsExtracts cell values at locations specified in a point feature class from one or more rasters.
Extract Values to PointsExtracts the cell values of a raster based on a set of point features.
SampleCreates a table that shows the values of cells from a raster, or set of rasters.
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