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ArcGIS Community Analyst

What is ArcGIS Community Analyst?

ArcGIS Community Analyst is a web (browser)-based system that allows you to view and analyze demographic and third-party sources of data to better understand the overall community in question.

Community Analyst is a cloud-based mapping solution that provides simple and easy-to-use GIS capabilities to every user.


  • Benchmark and compare communities
  • Resource allocation
  • Reveal an area’s strength
  • Data-driven grant proposals
  • Up-to-date Data Faster
  • Reach and Inform

Access Community Analyst

A license is required to access Community Analyst. You can sign in your ArcGIS Online credentials or your enterprise username and password.

Open the Community Analyst login page using a supported web browser and click Sign In.

Once you’ve completed the log in process, members are assigned a user type when they are invited to an ArcGIS organization.

An Community Analyst license can be assigned to these user types:

  • Creator
  • GIS Professional Advanced
  • GIS Professional Standard
  • GIS Professional Basic
  • Insights Analyst

Roles in Community Analyst

  • Members—View
  • Groups—Create, update, and delete; Join organizational groups; View groups shared with organization
  • Content—Create, update, and delete; Publish hosted feature layers; View content shared with organization
  • Sharing—Share with groups; Share with organization; Make groups visible to organization
  • Premium Content—Geocoding, Network Analysis, Geo-Enrichment, Demographics
  • Features—Edit

Esri Community Analyst

Esri provide all types of GIS or geographical communities, choose the Community and access this.

Esri Community Analyst ArcGIS
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