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Clip in ArcGIS Pro

Use the Clip tool to cut out a piece of one dataset using one or more of the features in another dataset as a cookie cutter. The Clip Features can be points, lines, and polygons, depending on the Input Features or Dataset parameter type.

This is create a new dataset, referred to as a study area or Area of interest (AOI).

Also alternate tool is available for clip operations, that is Pairwise Clip.

Perform Clip in ArcGIS Pro

Follows these steps to create Clip feature:

1. On the Ribbon, click the Edit tab, in the Features group, click Modify Modify Features.

2. In the Modify Features pane, select Clip Clip.

3. In the tool pane, uncheck the Clip all editable features check box.

4. Click the Input Features tab.

5. Click Select one or more lines or polygons Active Select ,and select the input clipping features.

6. Click the Buffer Distance box, type a buffer distance, and specify the units.

(A buffer distance greater than zero (0) automatically previews the buffer in the map).

7. Click the Target Features tab.

8. Click Select one or more lines or polygons Active Select, and select the target features to clip.

9. Click one of the following clip methods:

Discard (Remainder) DiscardDelete the intersecting features inside the clip area.
Preserve PreserveDelete the intersecting features outside the clip area.
Contain SplitDelete all features outside the clip area.
Split SplitKeep all features.

10. Finally click Clip button.

Clip Layers in a Map

Follows these steps to clipping extent used by the map’s layers:

1. In the Contents pane and click Properties Properties , to open the Map Properties dialog box.

2. On the Clip Layers tab, choose one of the following options from the menu:

  • No clipping
  • Clip to the map’s extent
  • Clip to an outline
  • Clip to a custom extent

3. Choose any one, and click Apply.

(Optionally, apply a line symbol to the clipping edges by specifying a Border symbol, Color, and Line width.)

4. Click OK to apply the clipping and close the Map Properties dialog box.

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